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Saturn in Shatabhisha

Saturn the planet of Karma is the most talked about planet in astrology. It is a planet of delays, restrictions and discipline. Saturn is the slowest moving planet and is also associated with darkness, sorrows and death. Saturn transits in one sign for 2.5 years and brings some significant changes related to the house and sign it is ruling in a horoscope of an individual .
Saturn can make rags to riches and take a person to a great heights in life.
Saturn rules career and can create lot of hurdles if it is not well placed in a Birth chart.
Saturn is transiting in Shatabhisha until April 2024 and it is a time to analyse deeply before taking any decisions related to career. It can be a period of transformation for lot of individuals. Shatabhisha is ruled by Rahu , so the elements of suddenness and illusions needs to be handled carefully. Deity of Shatabhisha is Varuna ruler of oceans and other water bodies, and Saturn can cause delays in rainfall. This Nakashtra also signifies hundred healers which will make individuals introspect their health and inclination towards different forms of healing therapies can be a trend in this transit
Appeasing Saturn by performing good Karma, making conscious decisions and serving humanity is the best way to deal with this transit.

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