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Astro Vastu- Attract Abundance

Astro Vastu is a combination of Astrology and Vastu , and correlating these two together can multiply the success and happiness.
Astrology focuses on planets and their effects on human beings whereas Vastu focuses on balancing out the five elements fire, water, air , earth and space in the right direction. In Astrology each zodiac sign and planet are associated with certain element and rules certain directions. Blending the principles of these two divine science we can attract more abundance and greater prosperity in our lives.
Imbalance of any element in our surroundings can restrict the flow of energy and therefore it increases negativity and hinders our growth.
An Astro Vastu expert can not only identify these areas of blockages, but can provide solutions by making changes in our living environment. Astro Vastu is a highly customised system designed specifically to support and align the energy of a horoscope and the surrounding with the universal energy. We we can take certain examples to get better understanding of this concept. Sun in third house or third sign a native with this placement will have toilet , staircase or storeroom in the north east direction of home . This will give financial instability and mental stress. If someone has Mercury in the first house of horoscope then Vastu defects can be present in the south west corner. In such case having bookshelf or plants in the north west corner is not auspicious for relationships , health and legal matters.

Implementing Astro Vastu in home and office enhances the quality of life ,by creating a positive flow of energy that allows us to focus and perform better in order to achieve our dreams and goals .

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