MERCURY- The Prince Charming

MERCURY- The Prince Charming

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Mercury , the planet of communication, intelligence, business, travel and youthfulness is also referred to as Prince Charming. Mercury is the fastest moving planet and ruler of Gemini and Virgo . People with prominent placement of Mercury are generally great in communication and writing. The sharpness, intellect and wittiness in speech is also ruled by Mercury.
Mercury in Lal Kitab is mentioned as the most wicked of all planets, which has great ability to make or break a person. It absorbs the qualities of a planet it is placed with in the birth chart and delivers results accordingly. To comprehend this we can interpret the conjunction of Mercury and moon , if this conjunction is not in affliction it can make the individual very expressive in terms of emotions. Such a person can hold your attention for hours with their eloquence. They can be highly captivating and charming as their emotional and intellectual abilities are well aligned. If Mercury is positioned with Venus it will make the native great in expressing love and romance.
The intelligence and learning abilities are also seen from the placement of Mercury. Mercury also affects the decision making ability of a person, people with bad Mercury make bad decisions .
Exalted Mercury in a birth chart makes an individual street smart as they are able to turn any negative situation into a positive one as they are excellent in public relations. When we master the art of communication, we master the energy of Mercury which eventually helps us in reaching our full potential.

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