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Mars Transit in Gemini

Mars is transiting in Gemini till 12th of May 2023 and this transit is definitely resulting in heavy communication on all levels. Mars is aggressive and passionate ,whereas Gemini is intellectual and clever. A lot of aggression and frustration will come out in the form of communication. Mars in Gemini is impatient and ruthless in approach and can lead to impulsive decisions. Gemini represents business and this will have direct impact on business dealings as there are high chances of heated exchange of words between business partners. This transit is of high significance for Gemini Moon people as it can create havoc in terms of decision making . The result of Mars will be prominent wherever the sign of Gemini falls in a horoscope. Arguments with siblings especially between brothers are more likely during this period, but other combinations need to be considered as well.
The energy of Mars will make us restless and over impulsive in behavior. It is a great time to put things into action and settle down any unresolved issues.
Getting into some sort of physical activity like sports, exercise and yoga will be highly beneficial to neutralize the powerful energy of Mars .
The best Mantra to handle this transit would be staying cool, calm and collected.

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