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Understanding Mercury in Houses:


Mercury (or Budh), the planet of learning ability, intake of knowledge, intelligence, is the closest planet to the Sun. It is considered as The Prince in our astrological system. It represents the qualities of wit & humor, wisdom, business, youth. It is also the planet of communication, trade & banking. A strong Mercury is a blessing, as it gives success through our own intellect. Lets see Mercury’s result in different houses of the Kundli.

Mercury in House 1: Young & Intelligent

First house Mercury influences the native’s communication and self-expression. It makes the person clever & intelligent. Those with Mercury in  house often possess a quick-witted and articulate nature. It also blesses the person with a youthful look throughout their life.

Mercury in House 2: Wealth of Communication

Second house Mercury casts its communicative influence on matters of finance, possessions, and personal values. People with this placement are money minded and can convince others with their effective speech. They have a strategic and analytical approach to financial endeavors. Their communication style plays an important role in shaping their material wealth. 

Mercury in House 3: Expression & Ideas

People with Mercury in the third house are very expressive & articulate in their communication. They possess a natural curiosity for learning. These people have multi-tasking abilities and their mind is full of new ideas. Mercury in the third house also makes a person very talkative.

Mercury in House 4: Comfort with Family

Mercury in the fourth house makes the people somewhat introverted and these Individuals may find solace in expressing their thoughts and ideas within the familiar sphere. They may not like to expand their circle outside the family. This position of mercury may also give the person a nervous attitude.

Mercury in House 5: Creative Expressions 

In the fifth house, Mercury teams up with creativity and expressions of love. This placement signifies a communicative and witty approach to artistic pursuits. These people engage in intellectually stimulating hobbies like music, acting, theater. This placement of Mercury also makes the person speculative in nature and multi-tasker.

Mercury in House 6: Analytical & Observing

In the Sixth house Mercury can enhance problem-solving skills and contribute to a communicative approach to service. These people have a habit of observing the minutest of details in their work and have very good analytical skills. Sometimes this over analytical nature can also cause delays in decision making, resulting in loss of good opportunities. 

Mercury in House 7: Intellectual Partnership

In the Seventh house, Mercury manifests as a communicative and intellectually stimulating connection with a life partner. Individuals may prioritize shared intellectual pursuits in their relationships. These people are very good advisors and can sway the opinion of others with their talks. This position also makes a good businessman.

Mercury in House 8: Deep Research & Mind 

Mercury in the Eighth house, makes a person over analytical and workaholic. The person is always researching deeply and analyzing every situation or person encountered by him. This placement also makes the native inclined towards subjects which are mystical in nature and require extensive study and research.

Mercury in House 9: Wise Approach

Ninth house Mercury expresses its influence on higher knowledge and philosophy. These people may exhibit a dynamic pursuit of wisdom and a broad-minded approach to life. Such natives are always interested in advance learning & gain of knowledge. They are capable of expressing their views effectively & impressing others with their knowledge & words.

Mercury in House 10: Professional Approach

Mercury in the Tenth house makes the people excel in professions that require effective communication skills. They are good decision makers & possess multiple talents. People with such a placement of Mercury may also make frequent changes to their career. They will have an ability to put across their opinion to higher authorities in an articulate manner.

Mercury in House 11: Community & Knowledge

Mercury in Eleventh house extends its communicative influence to social circles and collective endeavors. These people seek social connections aligned with shared intellectual interests. They have a vast friend circle, are extroverted & comfortable in sharing their views with others.

Mercury in House 12: Imaginative Subconscious

Mercury in Twelfth house, makes the native imaginative and dreamy. These people lack practical approach & are driven by emotions. Such an approach can sometimes lead to problems in life. They may also sometimes face confidence issues, resulting in wrong decision making at crucial stages of life. If they use their strong sense of imagination in a positive way they can become successful in their life & career.


Mercury is a planet of youth & knowledge. Understanding its placement allows for a deeper connection with our intellectual and expressive selves. If placed well in our charts, it can make our life playful, enjoyable & meaningful.

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