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Two Days Workshop on Predicting through Planet in Houses

Two Days Workshop on Predicting through planet in Houses

Instructor- Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Date: 16th & 17th December 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Timings: 11 AM to 3 PM

Fee: ₹ 5000 + GST

Course Content of Two Days Workshop on Predicting through Planet in Houses:

Sun in Houses

  • Sun in First House
  • Sun in Second House
  • Sun in Third House
  • Sun in Fourth House
  • Sun in Fifth House
  • Sun in Sixth House
  • Sun in Seventh House
  • Sun in Eighth House
  • Sun in Ninth House
  • Sun in Tenth House
  • Sun in Eleventh House
  • Sun in Twelfth House

  Moon in Houses:

  • Moon in First House
  • Moon in Second House
  • Moon in Third House
  • Moon in Fourth House
  • Moon in Fifth House
  • Moon in Sixth House
  • Moon in Seventh House
  • Moon in Eighth House
  • Moon in Ninth House
  • Moon in Tenth House
  • Moon in Eleventh House
  • Moon in Twelfth House

Mars in Houses:

  • Mars in First House
  • Mars in Second House
  • Mars in Third House
  • Mars in Fourth House
  • Mars in Fifth House
  • Mars in Sixth House
  • Mars in Seventh House
  • Mars in Eighth House
  • Mars in Ninth House
  • Mars in Tenth House
  • Mars in Eleventh House
  • Mars in Twelfth House

Mercury in Houses:

  • Mercury in First House
  • Mercury in Second House
  • Mercury in Third House
  • Mercury in Fourth House
  • Mercury in Fifth House
  • Mercury in Sixth House
  • Mercury in Seventh House
  • Mercury in Eighth House
  • Mercury in Ninth House
  • Mercury in Tenth House
  • Mercury in Eleventh House
  • Mercury in Twelfth House

Jupiter in Houses:

  • Jupiter in First House
  • Jupiter in Second House
  • Jupiter in Third House
  • Jupiter in Fourth House
  • Jupiter in Fifth House
  • Jupiter in Sixth House
  • Jupiter in Seventh House
  • Jupiter in Eighth House
  • Jupiter in Ninth House
  • Jupiter in Tenth House
  • Jupiter in Eleventh House
  • Jupiter in Twelfth House

Venus in Houses:

  • Venus in First House
  • Venus in Second House
  • Venus in Third House
  • Venus in Fourth House
  • Venus in Fifth House
  • Venus in Sixth House
  • Venus in Seventh House
  • Venus in Eighth House
  • Venus in Ninth House
  • Venus in Tenth House
  • Venus in Eleventh House
  • Venus in Twelfth House

Saturn in Houses:

  • Saturn in First House
  • Saturn in Second House
  • Saturn in Third House
  • Saturn in Fourth House
  • Saturn in Fifth House
  • Saturn in Sixth House
  • Saturn in Seventh House
  • Saturn in Eighth House
  • Saturn in Ninth House
  • Saturn in Tenth House
  • Saturn in Eleventh House
  • Saturn in Twelfth House

Rahu in Houses:

  • Rahu in First House
  • Rahu in Second House
  • Rahu in Third House
  • Rahu in Fourth House
  • Rahu in Fifth House
  • Rahu in Sixth House
  • Rahu in Seventh House
  • Rahu in Eighth House
  • Rahu in Ninth House
  • Rahu in Tenth House
  • Rahu in Eleventh House
  • Rahu in Twelfth House

Ketu in Houses:

  • Ketu in First House
  • Ketu in Second House
  • Ketu in Third House
  • Ketu in Fourth House
  • Ketu in Fifth House
  • Ketu in Sixth House
  • Ketu in Seventh House
  • Ketu in Eighth House
  • Ketu in Ninth House
  • Ketu in Tenth House
  • Ketu in Eleventh House
  • Ketu in Twelfth House

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