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Shiva is the one who resides in each and every form of existence. It has the feeling of knowing but the one who remains unknown. Shiva is the light, Shiva is the darkness Shiva is the calmness and also the destruction. He is the whole universe and the power beyond this universe. He is the one with everything, Shiva is a meaning, feeling, healing and  also a state of absolute silence. Shiva is everywhere. He is the Yogi, Rudra and one who sits in silence and dances in destruction. Shiva is the state of complete blissfulness. He is the one who radiates divine beauty, it is a mystic but not mysterious. Shiva is the ultimate truth and have both feminine and masculine. The ultimate power of this cosmos and beyond. Shiva is omnipresent .


Shravan is a month dedicated to Lord Shiva as all the devotees worship Shiva in this holy month to attain fulfillment of desires and overall wellbeing.

In Hindu Mythology there are quite a few stories that signifies the importance of this month.

One of the mythological stories behind celebrating this month is during the churning of the ocean and when Shiva consumed the poison to save the world from a destruction it is considered healing and appeasing to worship Shiva with milk, and other things of cooling nature like yogurt, water, ghee to pacify the burning sensation of poison and express gratitude for saving the world. Worshipping Lord Shiva with goddess Parvati can be a highly gratifying experience and is the best way to receive the blessings of “SHIVSHAKTI”.


Devotees also fast during the month of Shravan for their spiritual growth and upliftment.  In astrology it not only relieves one from the negative planetary impacts it is of great religious significance. Anyone fasting astrology   particularly on Mondays gets the blessings of Shiva in all areas of life. For devotees it is the most powerful time to appease Shiva and get out of the vicious circle of life and death. Different people fast differently as per their own belief and convenience . Some just fast every Monday, some fasts during the entire period of Shravan by following sattvic diet and spending more time in worshiping. It is a very special time for all the ardent devotees of Shiva.


  • Worshiping lord Shiva in the month of Shravan blesses one with a good life partner.
  • Anyone facing delay in marriage should offer white flowers to Shivling, as white is the color of planet Venus .
  • It is the most auspicious time to perform Kalsarp dosh remedies.
  •  Offering things related to planets on Shivling works wonders and nullifies the negative impact of a particular planet. 
  • If someone is facing any psychological issues, they should offer milk and rice to Shivling on every Monday .
  • Having issues in a relationship or facing divorce like situation should do “Rudrabhishek” for marital bliss.


One of the most powerful mantras is OM NAMAH SHIVAY which is a salutation to the ultimate power of shiva .This mantra consists of five syllables representing the five elements of universe earth, fire, water, air and ether. OM is the sound of the universe , Chanting of this mantra not only balances these five elements ,but creates an aura of protection for the individual.

Recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya is also highly recommended in this auspicious month of Shravan to remove all obstacles and overcome any issues in life.

Reading Shiv Puran is also considered as transforming and all solutions to life problems get resolved just by reading Shiv Puran with complete faith and devotion.


The feeling of connecting to your higher self and attaining the state of blissfulness is an ultimate state of being. 

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