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Wealth Yoga in Astrology

Wealth Yoga In Astrology

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There is a lot of yoga in astrology that  can bless one with a lot of wealth, fame, and all round prosperity in life. Hundreds of Yoga are described in astrology. Some of them are good and some are bad but the impact of yoga in a chart can be really powerful. Yoga’s are formed with conjunction of planets and positions in certain houses. An astrologer cites such yoga’s for predicting future success and growth of an individual. Powerful Yoga’s in an individual chart can really support one in an extraordinary way.

The formation of such yoga in a birth chart makes one accumulate huge wealth, it is almost impossible to have enormous wealth without having a combination for huge wealth. Auspicious yoga in a chart can bless the native to live life like a king.



As the name suggests this a powerful yoga giving huge wealth ,this yoga is formed when lord of ascendent is well placed in the trikona or kendra, and lord of 9th house is also placed in trikona or kendra without any malefic influence. This yoga not only bestows the native with immense wealth, also native is powerful and has name and fame.


When lord of the 5th ,9th is in kendra and gets aspected or conjunct by Jupiter, moon or mercury. It gives immense wealth.


It is one of the important Rajyogas. When planet Jupiter is in kendra from the Moon it blesses the native with wisdom, wealth and fame.


This yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in kendra houses and in Sagittarius, cancer or Pisces sign . Person born with such yoga will gain name ,fame and prosperity in life.


Whenever Venus occupies kendra houses from ascendant and placed in Taurus, libra and Pisces sign this yoga is formed. Native born with such yoga is charming in personality and will possess creative abilities. Such a person enjoys all sorts of luxury and comforts in life.


Ascendant lord is in exaltation and 4th and 10th house lords have interchanged houses it denotes extreme wealth and power to the native.


When exalted lord of the 7th house occupies 10th and the 10th lord is with 9th lord ,it is the most rarest of yoga.


It is one  of the auspicious yoga’s to have to attain higher  position in life. Lord of 5th and 11th in exchange and Moon in 5th house this yoga is formed . This is seen in the chart of  people on higher position in Government.


Lords of 6th,8th and 12th are in any of these house or any of the two houses or in 6th,8th,12th.


Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and mercury in exaltation forms this yoga. Placement of these in Trikona or Kendra also forms this yoga .


Any planet placed in 10th from moon or ascendant without any malefic influence. This yoga is great for success in career .


Having any of the above mentioned combinations in a birth chart is great for prosperity and success, although there are a lot more combinations of Raj Yoga in astrology. Running through the Mahadasha and Antardasha of planets involved in Raj yoga gives great results in their period capable of  taking the person  to great height and success. Extraordinary wealth and success is only possible with great planetary combination in a chart, especially  when these Yoga are without any malefic influence. As any malefic impact can reduce the power of yoga and may not give desired or expected results. Only few people are born with multiple auspicious Yoga in a chart, but one should not just rely on Yoga or planets to give fruitful results. As a human we are born with our own sense and exceptional powers to transform our destiny  with knowledge, wisdom and hard work.

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