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Specialised Course On Career

A 4-months one-of-its-kind career astrology course to provide right career advice to clients


The class will be led by Hanish Bagga, a renowned Astrologer and Astro-Vastu expert.
Mode of Instruction: English
Date: 29th April 2023 Saturday 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM (IST)
Fees: INR 30,000 + GST = INR 35,400/-

About the Course:

The configuration of the planets at the time you were born presents a map of your life and the set of tools you have been given to enact the drama of your life to its fullest capacity. Everyone is born to excel in life provided he chooses a profession as per his birth chart.
This unique course is blend of Vedic and Lal-Kitab astrology and nobody in the world teaches these concepts except Hanish Bagga.

Which profession to choose for success in life?

Job or Business?

What business is most suited for me?

are some of the most common questions faced by individuals, more so in modern times when professional success determines your position in society.

This Career Astrology Course trains counselors and teachers of Astrology. This course makes you a specialist or expert in career astrology and counselling.


1. What is Career Astrology
2. Which Career Option is Good for Me
3. Finding the Career Options through D10 Chart
4. Ups and Down in Career – As per Vedic Astrology
5. Important Transit of Planets and Its Impact on Career
6. Role of Nakshatra in Career
7. Role of Birth Day Planet in Career
8. Lal Kitab Rules for Career
9. Finding the Career Options Though Lal Kitab Astrology
10. Ups & Down in Career – As per Lal Kitab
11. Role of Varshphal (Lal Kitab) in Career Progression
12. Significant Years for Event Related to Career
13. Important Rules of Jamini Astrology in Finding Career Options
14. Important Remedies for Enhancing Career
15. What to do and What Not to do for Good Career Opportunities

Salient Points about the Course:

1. Suitable for practicing and learned astrologers.
2. A step-by-step method to predict career options for individuals which gives them success.
3. At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a career reading for your clients, friends, and relatives.

Who should attend?

1. This course is suited for both learned and experienced astrologers.
2. If you have learned Vedic Astrology or Lal Kitab astrology, then this course is an expert course to enhance your predictive skills.

Pre-requites for the Course:

The participant must have completed either Vedic Astrology Course or Lal Kitab Basic Course.

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