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Ketu – The Planet of Emotional Attachment

Ketu – The planet of emotional attachment

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Ketu the south node of the moon is also called dragon’s tail. Ketu in Vedic Astrology represents spiritual initiation, male child, break, isolation, detachment, mysterious, unnoticeable, penance, hidden things, saints, moksha, philosophy, astrology, low caste, negative thoughts, poison etc. It rules the south west direction. This is considered exalted in Scorpio and it is follower of Jupiter.  Color of Ketu is black and white, and the body parts it rules over is our back, feet’s, legs and spine. Placement of Ketu shows the area of your attachment and your duty of care towards that house signification.

Results of ketu in Different Houses of Horoscope:

First House:

Whenever It is placed in the first house of a horoscope, it makes one wander around and highly egoistic. This is a headless planet and it affects the thought process and health in a negative manner. With Ketu in the first, the individual is kind of a confused personality, may have hard time figuring things out. It does not mean they are less intelligent in any way but the smokiness of Ketu creates illusions. They are mostly worried about their children and goes through lot of challenges in the area of relationship.

Second House:

Ketu in the second gives detachment or separation from family. It is a good placement for foreign settlement. Finances of such native are also quite sorted, but they will not follow wrong path to accumulate wealth. These people eat in small portions and love eating sour food. It is in the second house of speech makes one a great orator, if Ketu is not afflicted in any way. They suffer from tonsillitis as second house represents our throat. Wealth of such a native increases after the birth of a male child.

Third House:

Third house placement of Ketu is not considered good for communication and siblings. This person will have difficulty in expressing themselves or will not be able to make friends easily. With Ketu in the third house one may take frequent travel to spiritual places.

Fourth House:

When Ketu is placed in the fourth house of a horoscope, it gives challenges in education, property matters. Health of a mother will not be good mother may have to go for surgeries. It also makes the native feel restless and loss of mental piece. One should live away from home for success in career.

Fifth House:

Fifth house of a birth chat rules our children, education and romance. Having Ketu in this house is not good for romance, it also gives break in education. Health troubles for children of the native can also be predicted with Ketu in the fifth.

Sixth House:

This is the sixth is not good for work life and maternal side of the family. It makes the native less focused in their work. The only way to mitigate the negative impact of this placement is to have a spiritual approach towards things in life.

Seventh House:

Placement of Ketu in the seventh house is a challenging one for relationship and business partnership. It gives break and misunderstanding in the relation. The native will feel detached in the partnership and lack of vision.

Eighth House:

Eighth house of sudden events, inheritance, and secrets, occult is not considered good for the male progeny. It can definitely make one rise in the research field. The native will have keen interest in occult.

Ninth House:

Ketu in the ninth house is great for spirituality and gaining of higher knowledge. It will make one dedicated towards their father and Guru. One may also travel a lot to spiritual places with Ketu in the ninth.

Tenth House:

Professional growth or satisfaction becomes a matter of concern with Ketu in the tenth. It gives lot of breaks in career and hence, the native remains dissatisfied. It also creates disturbance in the relationship with the Boss at workplace.

Eleventh house:

Eleventh house of gains and younger sibling when occupied by Ketu gives gains of sudden nature. The person behaves somewhat detached from its social circle.

Twelfth House:

An exalted position for Ketu is in the twelfth house. It if not afflicted can give great sense of spirituality and help one in attaining salvation. The native will be introvert and disconnected from the outer world. If afflicted one can have secret affairs and overindulgence in the worldly pleasures.

Ketu and Your Intuition:

The placement of Ketu shows your emotional attachment in life and detaches you physically, to help you grow out of your emotional bonding. Wherever Ketu is placed in a horoscope, one should use their intuitive powers to handle things. If one tries to use their cleverness or mind power, there is high chances of taking wrong decision. Use of head in the area of headless planet will only create delusion. Listening to one’s inner voice and being spiritual will be highly beneficial for overall growth and balance in life. The house that Ketu occupies in a horoscope is the house you feel highly obliged in life.

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