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Course Details

Annual Predictive Astrology Tajik Varshphal Course

Instructor: Astrologer Hanish Bagga

Date: 8th May 2024

Time: 9:00  PM to 10:30 PM (Wednesday)

Duration: 4 Month ( 15 Classes Approx)

Language: A mix of Hindi and English

Call or WhatsApp’s at  7300004325 / 7300004326



  • Tajik Varshphal – An Introduction
  • Parashari – Tajik Comparison
  • Casting of Varshphal Chart
  • Tajik Aspects
  • Gender of Planets
  • Muntha – Significance & Results
  • Pancha-Vargiya Bal – Planetary Strength
  • Varsh Panchadhikari & Varshesh
  • Varshesh – Rules & Results
  • Vimshottari Mudda Dasha
  • Results-Vimshottari Mudda Dasha
  • 16 Tajik Yogas
  • Calculation of Sahams
  • Sahams Rules & Interpretation
  • Examples & Live Prediction Cases

Course Description

Varshpal or Annual horoscope plays a very important role in timing of the events. This course has been designed to provide deep insights into yearly predictions using principles of Tajik Shastra and Vedic astrology.

Every year on our date of birth we start a new journey within this big canvas of life. Sun’s movement along the zodiac plays a very important and impactful role in our lives. Annual horoscopy or Varshphal is used to predict the events happening in a particular year of a native’s life.

Tajik Shastra has contributed immensely in providing many accurate rules for making predictions regarding these annual events. This course will help learners and practicing astrologers to bring a unique finesse to their predictive skills. With practice this course will enable them to make stunning predictions with remarkable precision, that to down till the exact day.

The Tajik system of annual horoscope is a unique system which finds amalgamation of two wonderful systems of astrology, Vedic & Tajik. It uses a solar based horoscope which provides exceptional accurate predictions for the annual events. There are many unique concepts which are used in this system, like Tajik yogas & aspects, Muntha, Sahams, Dasha etc.

This course is designed in a very simple and easy to understand language & content, even the new beginners can understand the concepts with little practice.

Course Trainer, Sh. Hanish Bagga is a distinguished figure in the field of astrology and has more than 16 years of experience in teaching and consulting. He is on a mission to spread the knowledge of astrology worldwide & has trained large number of students & practicing astrologers till date.

Important features of Tajik Varshphal Course:

  • Tajik Varshphal – An Introduction

Get insight into history and origin of the Tajik System.

  • Prashari – Tajik Comparison

Compare the Fundamentals of astrology which are common to both and what differentiates Tajik from Prashari astrology.

  • Casting of Varshphal Chart

Learn the methodology used to create the Varshphal Chart in Tajik system.

  • Tajik Aspects

Planetary aspects play an important role in predictions. Get deep insights into unique planetary aspects used in Tajik Varshphal.

  • Gender of Planets

Planets have their own intrinsic nature and their behaviour is governed by the same. Know the gender of planets and its role in prediction.

  • Muntha – Significance & Results

Concept of Muntha is another unique and differentiating feature given to us by Tajik System. We go deep into learning the significance, role and results of Muntha in annual predictions.

  • Pancha-Vargiya Bal

Results given by planets are dependent on their strengths. We analyse and calculate the strength using Panch-Vargiya Bal.

  • Varsh Panchadhikari (Varshesh)

The Year lord (Varshesh) is selected from the five most influential planets. Learn the method of selecting the Varshesh and its role in annual predictions.

  • Vimshottari Mudda Dasha

Dasha plays a significant role in timing. Learn calculation of Vimshottari Mudda Dasha and its impact timing of annual events.

  • 16 Tajik Yogas

Tajik System provides sixteen unique yogas which are special & distinctive from the vedic yogas. Learn the yogas and their application in predicting the events.

  • Concept of Saham

Another unique feature of Tajik System are the Sahams. Learn & Understand important Sahams and their calculation with application.

  • Example & Live Charts

Learn predictions though examples & live charts using Tajik Varshphal system of Astrology.

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