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Blank Chart Prediction Course

Course Duration: 18 Classes

Instructors:  Hanish Bagga & Asha Kulhar

Mode of Instruction:  English & Hindi

Date:  21st  October 2023 (Every Saturday)

Time: 7:30 PM  to 9 PM (India Time)

Fees:  INR 24,000 + GST = INR 28,320/-

Course Content of Blank Chart Prediction:

  1. Twelve zodiac sign and their ruler
  2. Zodiac signs and power colors
  3. Activation ages of sign
  4. Directions of signs
  5. Signification of twelve houses
  6. Signification of planets
  7. Attributes of Aries sign
  8. Result of Aries in different houses
  9. Predictions for Aries ascendant
  10. Attributes of Taurus sign
  11. Result of Taurus in different houses
  12. Prediction on Taurus ascendant
  13. Attributes of Gemini sign
  14. Result of Gemini in different houses
  15. Prediction of Gemini Ascendant
  16. Attributes of Cancer sign
  17. Results of Cancer in different houses
  18. Prediction of Cancer Ascendant
  19. Attributes of Leo sign
  20. Results of Leo in different houses
  21. Prediction for Leo Ascendant
  22. Attributes of Virgo sign
  23. Results of Virgo in twelve houses
  24. Prediction of Virgo Ascendant
  25. Attributes of Libra sign
  26. Results of Libra in twelve houses
  27. Prediction for Libra Ascendant
  28. Attributes of Scorpio
  29. Results of Scorpio in twelve houses
  30. Prediction for Scorpio Ascendant
  31. Attributes of Sagittarius sign
  32. Results of Sagittarius in twelve houses
  33. Analysis for Sagittarius Ascendant
  34. Attributes of Capricorn sign
  35. Results of Capricorn in twelve houses
  36. Detailed analysis for Capricorn Ascendant
  37. Attributes of Aquarius sign
  38. Results of Aquarius in twelve houses
  39. Detailed analysis for Aquarius Ascendant
  40. Attributes of Pisces Sign
  41. Results of Pisces in twelve houses
  42. Detailed analysis of Pisces Ascendant
  43. Special Rules for Predictions
  44. Dos and Don’ts for Every Ascendants


Blank Chart Prediction Course is specifically designed to explore Blank Chart Predictive Techniques in an extensive manner. Each zodiac sign has its unique characteristics that builds up the fundamentals of a chart. Understanding each zodiac in depth can make one expand their vision in analyzing a horoscope. Zodiac sign just by themselves can reveal a many hidden secrets in Astrology.

Significance of All twelve houses has been described, that can be used along with the zodiac sign for stunning predictions. The purpose of this course is to make aspiring astrologers understand a horoscope or a whole life pattern of a person just through signs. One should be capable of making approximately 50 predictions on each Ascendant after the completion of this course. One should be able to make 500 predictions easily just with the sign placements.

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone with a quest for knowledge of Vedic Astrology
  2. Aspiring Astrologers and/or Astrology Professionals

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