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Astro Vastu Level 2

Course  Details Astro Vastu  Level 2

Course Fee: Rs 35,000 + Taxes

Instructor: Hanish Bagga

Medium of Instruction: A mix of Hindi and English

Mode: Online Live classes on Zoom

Timing : 8:30 PM to 10.00 PM (Every Sunday)

Course Starting Date: Nov. 27th, 2022

Duration: 15 Classes

EMI Options Available through Bank:

Broad Course Content Astro Vastu Level 2

  • Association of Objects with Planets
  • How to Identify the planetary influence of house
  • How to Map Activities in the House with Planets and Directions
  • Mapping Areas of House with Astrological Science
  • Mapping Signs with Entries
  • Mapping Building Colors with House Facing Directions
  • How to apply Roop Chakra in Lal Kitab Vastu to map planetary  influences with the Vastu of the house or office. (Roop
  • Chakra and Mangal Chakra are proprietary innovations of Acharya Ganesh).
  • How to apply Mangal Chakra in Lal Kitab Vastu to map planetary influences on vastu.
  • How to Correct Effects of Planetary Combinations in Lal Kitab Vastu
  • Remedial Protocols for Lal Kitab Vastu
  • How to use Placement Technique
  • How to use 1- 5– 9 Technique
  • How to use Combinations
  • How to use Planets as correctors, balancers, activators and supporters in the Vastu of a space

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