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Astro-Vastu Course – Level 1

A Three Months foundation course to start your journey as an Astro-Vastu expert


The class will be led by Hanish Bagga a renowned Astrologer and Astro-Vastu expert

Mode of Instruction: English and Hindi

Date:  26th September 2023 (Every Tuesday)  

Timings:  9:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Fees: INR 30,000+ GST = INR 35,400

About the Course:

Astro-vastu, the enchanting fusion of astrology and vastu, has taken the world by storm, unveiling the intricate threads of human destiny in the simplest of ways. Have you ever experienced the awe-inspiring magic of Astrovastu? Those who have will vouch for the transformative power of harmonizing energies. The solutions Astrovastu offers are not just reliable; they are practical, delivering results beyond imagination.

Delve into the depths of Astrovastu, and you’ll uncover a profound truth: the very home we inhabit resonates with our energy. To harmonize any astrological chart, one must align the energies within the house. This is where Astrovastu comes into play, a guide that helps us reduce the negativity within our living spaces while amplifying the positivity of celestial influences. And the best part? The remedies are wonderfully simple yet incredibly effective.

Our Astro-Vastu course goes beyond the surface, offering you a journey that enhances your horoscope interpretation skills. But it doesn’t stop there; it bridges a crucial gap between vastu and astrology. Just as every birth chart is unique, so is the energy of every home. Our course equips you to harmonize these cosmic patterns, offering you not only insights into decoding horoscopes but also the power to create harmony within your living environment.

Step into a world where the stars align with the spaces we inhabit. Join us on this illuminating journey and let the cosmic symphony of Astro-Vastu guide you to a life of balance, positivity, and boundless opportunities. Your destiny and your dwelling, perfectly in tune.


  • What is Astro Vastu
  • Why Astro Vastu is more important than Standard Vastu
  • How Astrology and Vastu are interconnected
  • Significance of Planets and Rashi (Sign)
  • Purpose of Astro Vastu
  • Requirement of Astro Vastu
  • Understanding of Directions
  • Importance of Significance of Panch Tatva
  • Balancing of Panch Tatva
  • Role of Color in our House
  • Importance of Entry Points
  • Finding of Good and Bad Planets in Charts
  • Identifying Things related to BAD Planets and Repositioning them to correct ZONE for better results.
  • Creating New Opportunities through benefic planets
  • Understanding Combination of Planets and giving remedial treatment

Salient Points about the Course

  1. Suitable for practicing astrologers or Vastu Consultants and beginners alike
  2. A step-by-step method to identify how life problems can be resolved by balancing the home
  3. At the end of the course, you will be able to perform a Astro-vastu study for your clients, friends and relatives and suggest them basic remedies.

Who should attend?

  1. This course is suited for both freshers and experienced astrologers and/or Vastu Consultants
  2. If you are an aspiring astrologer or Vastu consultant this course is for you

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