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Why Kundli Matching is Important in Indian Marriages


In India, marriage is considered to be a sacred union or relationship. Many believe that marriages are fixed in heaven and we have a past relationship with our partners. Love is the essence of life that keeps our soul alive. Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships created by nature. It is a relation between two souls with a promise to stay committed to each other for their whole life. With a change in lifestyle over the years, personal preferences and logical thinking has overpowered emotional outlook and people have become more career oriented.

Knowing each other: 

It helps to decode the personalities of the couple. Their interests, preferences, likes & dislikes, communication style. By knowing the traits of both the girl and the boy, an informed decision can be made about compatibility in terms of thinking, nature and way of working.

 Thought Compatibility :

 Chandra Koota helps in analyzing the mental temperaments of both, to see if they can understand each other well and get along well. It checks how they articulate feelings, handle mood swings, and support each other.

Health & Longevity :

Health is the most important aspect of our life. Couple’s health and longevity can also be determined through Kundli matching. This includes factors indicating their mental health, physical vitality, energy levels, stamina & childbirth possibilities.

 Physical Compatibility :

Kama koota matching is a way to measure a person’s physical compatibility, relationship needs, level of desire and sensitive nature. Harmony in these aspects leads to a fulfilling marital relationship. Kundli matching gives a detailed analysis of this important aspect of relationship.

Financial Compatibility:

Prospects of financial stability after marriage and couples’ luck factor for contributing in each other’s growth can also be judged and appropriate decisions can be taken based on the analysis.

Marital Discord Avoidance:

Possibility of a marital discord through major doshas like Mangal Dosha can be checked so that the matching is done keeping all points in consideration.

Future Generations:

Kundli Matching can also help in knowing how well placed the couple is to produce a great lineage that can carry the family traditions forward along with them.


Kundli matching is a time-tested practice offering valuable insights for couples entering the sacred union of marriage. As marriage is a decision that impacts not only two lives but many families,  decisions of such a magnitude should be made after a very careful consideration.

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