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Unlocking The Power Of The Sun


Sun is the most powerful of the all the planets and is the king of the planets. Sun is the light that guides our soul towards our higher purpose in life.

Significance of the Sun:

Sun represents our soul, father, ego, government, respect and power.

Astrological Insights:

The placement of Power of Sun in a horoscope can show great detail about the personality of the person including strength and weakness. Whenever Sun is not well positioned in a birth chart it gives lot of challenges in life affects one’s temperament in a negative manner.

Whereas well placed Sun in a horoscope generally gives great vitality, support from higher authorities and government. Good placement of Sun also gives great confidence and a personality that shines bright. Sun being the most powerful of the celestial bodies it brings light to the house it holds in a chart and also burns down the energy of a planet it’s in conjunction. People with well placed  Sun in a chart achieves name, fame and success easily and are blessed to shine and make an impact in the world.


Worshiping the Sun every morning by offering water is a great way to boost up the confidence and receive blessings for better health and happiness.

Another great way to ensure success in every endeavor is to recite Aditya Hridaya strotram in the early morning hours. Performing remedies for in a birth Chart is the most effective way to accomplish goals and succeed in life.

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