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Power of Ascendant in Astrology

Power of Ascendant in Astrology

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Lagna the Ascendant is the most important of all in a birth chart. The power of Lagna makes the whole birth chart powerful. The first house in astrology is the lagna, the rising sign and planet occupying the lagna decides the strength of the ascendant. Ascendent represents, head, personality, thought process and physical appearance. If an ascendent lord is well placed or occupies trikona in a friendly sign without any malefic influence is considered very powerful. A lot of raj yoga’s in astrology are formed with the Ascendant, giving auspicious results to the native.


Physical appearance of a person can be judged by looking at the power of an ascendant lord. Whenever  soft planets like Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter aspects or occupies ascendant gives a person a beautiful face and attractive body. Any harsh planet occupying or aspecting the ascendant will affect the personality in a negative manner. Ascendant lord occupying different houses in a birth chart will add a different flavor to the personality of the native.


The nakshatra of the Ascendant lord also deeply impacts the personality of the native. Checking the placement of the ascendant is the most important part of prediction regarding any situation. If a person is going through  a tough time in life, it is the ascendant that will decide the ability to handle adverse situations with courage ,brilliance or patience. Strong placement of ascendant brings resilience in the life of a native, making one capable of living life to the fullest.


Having ascendant in Artha houses  (2,6&10) is considered as a  highly materialistic position in astrology. If there is no affliction to such placement the native can reach great heights in career. This placement can make an individual workaholic and the native focuses and invests most of the energy in accumulating material gains. Individual with such placement can come across as  a selfish person  by nature as they are continuously working towards stability in life.


Whenever an ascendant lord is placed in trikona house (1,5,9) it is also a very beneficial placement in astrology. The native is usually lucky in life and enjoys the fruit of past life karmas. Such an individual is creative, learned and usually fortunate in all pursuits of life. This placement of an ascendant lord creates a powerful Raj yoga in a chart if not afflicted. The native will rise and receive name and fame in life with knowledge, Wisdom and blessings of Guru. It is the spiritual trine which makes the individual grow higher in  spirituality.


Anytime an ascendant lord is placed in Kama houses 3,7 and 11 it shows the desire to connect with people. This can show gains in life through connections, public dealings, partnerships and communication. The 7th house represents our sexual desires and having an ascendant in this house shows the desire can be obsessive if it makes connections with planet Rahu.


It can be difficult to hold the position of ascendant lord in any of the Moksha houses (4,8, or 12), but especially in 8 and 12. As these houses represent sudden events , solitude and losses in life. It shows the native will become spiritual after going through a lot of  adversity in life.


Having an ascendant lord in a powerful position indicates success, happiness , overall wellness and prosperity in life. It is a blessing to have an ascendant lord in exaltation , its like when you receive support from the universe in all endeavors of life.

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