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We invite you to join in our engaging Online Astrology course, where you will discover the amazing world of cosmic riddles through easy-to-understand methods. Prepare to discover the mysteries of Astrology and the cosmic relationships that impact our lives.

This course is intended for professionals.

Astrology Tajik Varshphal Course

  • Tajik Varshphal – An Introduction

Get insight into history and origin of the Tajik System.

  • Prashari – Tajik Comparison

Compare the Fundamentals of astrology which are common to both and what differentiates Tajik from Prashari astrology.

  • Casting of Varshphal Chart

Learn the methodology used to create the Varshphal Chart in Tajik system.

  • Tajik Aspects

Planetary aspects play an important role in predictions. Get deep insights into unique planetary aspects used in Tajik Varshphal.

  • Pancha-Vargiya Bal

Results given by planets are dependent on their strengths. We analyse and calculate the strength using Panch-Vargiya Bal.

  • Varsh Panchadhikari (Varshesh)

The Year lord (Varshesh) is selected from the five most influential planets. Learn the method of selecting the Varshesh and its role in annual predictions.

  • 16 Tajik Yogas

Tajik System provides sixteen unique yogas which are special & distinctive from the vedic yogas. Learn the yogas and their application in predicting the events.

Tajik Varshphal Course

Our Professional Course

Acharya Ganesh provides all astrological services including Online Courses, Horoscope analysis, Astro vastu through our highly trained team of astrologers, who are not only experts in counseling but are great mentors in the field. The experience that you will get through Acharya Ganesh will transform your life as we provide customized remedies for all your problems and help you achieve your goals in life. Consulting an astrologer who can connect with you and guide you on the right path is an experience on its own. So, if you are ready to explore what the future holds for you and ready to dive deeper into this divine science, Connect with Acharya Ganesh…

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  • Talk one-to-one with hanish bagga Astrologer
  • Solutions to all your life problems including marriage, love, education, career, and everything.
  • Guidance on your spiritual journey as to what poojas and deities will be auspicious for you.
  • A thorough astrological analysis of your life problems.
  • An understanding of where you have gone wrong and how to do it right.

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Teaching Experience:

Learn from highly experienced teachers with more than 10 years of teaching and implementation expertise. 

Environment for Interactive Learning:

Participate in live conversations, group discussions, and online discussion boards with your classmates. 

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Unlock a year-long journey of learning and exploration! When you enroll in our course, you not only gain valuable knowledge but also receive exclusive access to course recordings for an entire year

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Are you ready to go on your life-changing Astrological adventure?

Our Astrology Course

Our Astrology course provides you with the ideal opportunity to achieve precisely that! This comprehensive study will help you comprehend the language of the stars and their significance in the universe. Our knowledgeable teachers will assist you in identifying the patterns and archetypes in your astrological chart and using them to gain insight into your life and the lives of people around you. 

  • Learn more about the impact of cosmic patterns on our lives and the fascinating cosmos in which they dwell.
  • Discover the meaning of astrological signs, planetary influences, and birth charts.
  • Learn about the origins of astrology in an updated and approachable manner.
  • Curriculum designed by leading astrologers and topic matter experts.


Yes, we start the course from the scratch and basic level and proceed to further higher levels. Every concept, sign, method is explained to make learning astrology online easy and interesting for the students to understand Astrology step by step. Acharya Ganesh makes you learn complete astrology and give detailed knowledge to students so that they can learn astrology in India from anywhere.

Astrology” this word itself holds very vast roots of the existence of the universe over the human kinds. Over the period, as we grow with our consciousness, we are always on a path of finding the answers to every phenomenon, and this journey of curiosity leads us towards many questions and we are still moving on the same pathway. In this journey, Astrology has its existence and has its teachings for us. So join today and learn astrology step by step with Acharya Ganesh.

Yes, after completing Astrology classes online or through classroom or distance Astrology learning course, you can practice professionally and become a best astrologer in your area. Can easily give consultation confidently in the respective subject and earn as well.

Certified Astrology Courses Provided. Flexible Timings as per Preferred Schedule of Students. Backup Classes Provided if Students Miss a Class. Personal Attention to Each Student for Better Understanding. Professional Practical Training for Starting a Career. Career Guidance for Students.

You can enroll yourself by filling our Admission form online and submitting your fee. You are good to start and become a part of the Acharya Ganesh family. Your classes will be scheduled accordingly and start asap or max. within a month’s time.

The best course curriculum is offered by the Acharya Ganesh, which offers professional astrology training that is helpful for starting a successful career. Additionally, the instructors have years of experience and are experts in their fields, so you can learn the subject to the fullest. Many aspiring students don’t find any authentic and best place to learn the aspects of Astrology. Acharya Ganesh, provides you with online astrology courses with a certificate where you can learn the most authentic and Vedic astrology online courses.

Yes, Acharya Ganesh offers Online Jyotish Course in Hindi Language for students to understand and practice the subject easily.

Kundli Matching is a process of vetting horoscopes of male and female for marriage to check the compatibility of both the persons as per Kundli Milan. Acharya Ganesh also provides a course on Kundli Matching in the Advance levels of Astrology learning course by which a student can become a master in Kundli Matching process.