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Jupiter – Your Celestial Bond

Jupiter- Your Celestial Bond

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Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and also the most benevolent. It is the planet of expansion, growth, wisdom and optimism. In astrology, it represents the principles of faith, hope and vision. It shows us how to aim high, broaden our horizons, and seek meaning and purpose in our lives.

The Great Benefic:

Often called the “Great Benefic” it brings good fortune, abundance and new opportunities to those who are under its influence. It inspires us to be kind, fair & ethical in our dealings with others. Higher education, Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality all comes with its benefic influence. It encourages us to learn, explore & discover the truth about ourselves and the world around us.

Jupiter as the celestial Guru: A Teacher of the Universe

Jupiter is our Celestial Bond of the “Guru” the “Teacher” in the Universe. We should strengthen this bond by following its positive qualities. Be Optimistic & Hopeful, Open minded & Tolerant, Generous & Grateful with an attitude of giving back to the community, Wise & Ethical, with strong Integrity and Honesty. This way we can attract its blessings and favour in our life.


By understanding its nature & influence in our birth chart & by analyzing the sign, house placement and its aspects, we can learn about our strengths & weaknesses, our opportunities & challenges and our gifts & talents related to Jupiter. We can also learn about the areas of life where it can bring us the most benefit & where we need to be more careful & cautious.


By following the transit of this benefic planet through the signs and houses in our chart we can get clear insights into the everchanging trends and themes of our life. Honoring its rituals & festivals help us attract its benevolence and further strengthens our Celestial Bond with it.


By forming a bond with Jupiter – The Guru we can enrich our life with joy, meaning & purpose. We can also inspire others to do the same and make the world a better place. Yes, it’s a planet of luck but we should always strive to make our own luck by being self- motivated, constructive and righteous. As in Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta the Lord says, “Do not fear the Change”, because Change is the only Constant and is Good, we have to be always ready for a change, a change which the planet brings into our life.

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Remember, all positive energies in this vast Universe are always ready to guide us, we just need to create a strong bond with them, to understand and decode their messages.

Let’s create & strengthen this Bond!

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