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How Astrology Helps in Business Decisions

how astrology helps in business decisions

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Astrology helps us in understanding various aspects of our life. Business is an important aspect and every individual wants to excel in this aspect of life to make this journey comfortable. Each individual has a unique personality and decision making style. A successful business set-up depends heavily on the correct decisions taken at the correct time. Let’s see the role Astrology plays in this game.  

Houses related to Business

  • The Ascendant (Self): 

The very foundation of our astrological chart, the Lagna house represents our core self & personality. A strong Lagna with beneficial planetary aspects, indicates entrepreneurial spirit, leadership potential and the ability to face challenges with determination.

  • The Second House (Wealth):

This house governs finances & wealth accumulation. Planets like Jupiter & Venus placed favorably in the second house signify financial stability, lucrative partnerships & attracts prosperity.

  • The Sixth House (Competition): 

One of the important significance of the Sixth house is competition and fighting back.. Understanding the planetary influences in this house can help anticipate potential setbacks and ability to win over competition.

  • The Tenth House (Karma): 

This crucial house signifies career aspirations, professional achievements & social status. Strong placements of Saturn and Mars in the tenth house indicate ambitious drive, leadership qualities and the ability to achieve success through hard work and dedication.

  • The Eleventh House (Gains): 

The eleventh house tells about potential collaborations, investments & long-term financial stability with profit and gains. Jupiter, the planet of expansion & good fortune, placed in the eleventh house can help in building useful partnerships & generating big gains.

Correct Timing is the Supreme Step:

Astrology guides and helps in deciding the best & conducive time for business dealings. Through techniques like Muhurtha, the science of choosing auspicious times, one can identify favorable dates & periods for launching new ventures, signing contracts, making investments or starting on new initiatives.

Astrology for Decision Making

By understanding the celestial blueprint and identifying periods of cosmic synchronicity, Astrology helps the native to make correct and informed decisions in the business arena like:

  • Choosing the Right Business Field: Recognizing inner strengths & inclinations revealed by the chart can guide us towards ventures that align with our natural talent, passion & interests.
  • Strengthening Partnerships: One can  assess compatibility in partnerships based on individual personalities and take informed decisions.
  • Preparing for Challenges: Based on planetary transits, one can proactively implement strategies to face the future challenges.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Launching marketing campaigns during favorable astrological periods can maximize the impact & bring desired results.


By combining the ancient wisdom provided by our learned & pujya Rishis with the modern day business practices, we can propel our business Decisions ventures towards sustained growth and prosperity. This knowledge can also help us in evolving and becoming a more informed & holistic decision maker.

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