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Astro-Vastu and Marital Bliss

Astro-Vastu And Marital Bliss

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Restoring marital harmony with Astro-Vastu

Over a period of time, due to several reasons one may experience disturbances and disharmony in one’s arried life. Couples may drift apart and may experience friction in their relations that could further lead to misunderstandings and quarrels. This also signals challenges and problems in the northwest direction of one’s residence. Astro-Vastu can help us restore the harmony in our marital relations. The northwest direction is ruled by Shukra/Venus. To placate this planet and align the positive energies in our favour, we can place fragrant items in the northwest direction such as perfume, or any other fragrance of our preference. We can also place roses in that direction. We will see that slowly, but surely marital harmony will begin to be restored.

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