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Understanding the Impact of Sun in the 7th House


Sun is the King of the zodiac, its placement in any house of the horoscope will make a difference. In the seventh house of relationship, business, partnership also its placement gives definite and impactful results.

Seventh House:

The 7th House, a sphere traditionally associated with partnerships and unions. It represents the zodiac sign of Libra which brings balance & diplomacy in actions. The sign is owned by Venus. Seventh house is a house marriage, relationship, partnership. It also shows the spouse. Seventh house is the opposite of Lagna, the Self. It represents attraction towards the opposite gender. Seventh House is the house of business, negotiations, achievement in business or promotion in job. It is the exaltation house of Saturn.

Sun the Illuminary:

Sun is the king of planets, and it also rules our soul. It is the planet that is firey and hot in nature. Few of the things it represents are ego, authority, leadership, father, government, bosses, name and fame, creativity, bones, immunity, vitality.

Positive Impact of Sun in 7th House:

Sun’s placement in this house makes the person very focused in his work. People with Sun in the seventh house are workaholics and very aggressive. They know what is to be done at what time and are well organized, goal oriented & always engrossed in their work. They aim for success and do not deviate from their tasks. These people are very unbiased in their approach and make their decisions based on facts. They are good mediators and decide only on merit. They generally are successful in their work and achieve good heights in their careers. 

Negative Impact of Sun in 7th House:

When a fiery planet like Sun occupies seventh house, it is bound to give ego clashes in business partnership and personal relationships. It makes one quite authoritative and powerful in their behavior. It gives high desire of position, power, fame and authority. The native may be highly proud and boastful in nature. Sun in the seventh may have adverse effect on health of the spouse. As seventh house is ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of Sun. The relationships may be based on the hidden desire of fame, or used as a support to achieve certain goals, so the true essence of Venus gets spoiled with this placement. It also impacts the relationship with father in negative manner. One may have disagreement with father or may have to live away from father.


Sun is not comfortable in the seventh house as it is the debilitation sign of Sun. It gives mixed results being positioned in this house. Some challenges in relationships but good for career. Other planets’ position and relationship with the Sun and the seventh house can modify the results. If you are facing any such issues in your life, feel free to get in touch with us.

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