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Understanding Saturn in your Horoscope

understanding saturn in your horoscope

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Saturn is also referred as Yama the god of death. It is the slowest moving planet and represents pain, sufferings, poverty, responsibility, misfortune and delays. Blue sapphire is a gemstone of Saturn. It also represents the lower labor class people and its dark in color, rules over the west direction. Its exaltation sign is libra the sign of relationship that requires lot of patience and responsibility. Planetary period of Saturn brings lot of changes in the life. It can give immense wealth if well placed in a horoscope.

Saturn in Different Houses:

First house:

Saturn in the first houses impacts the health of the native. Such an individual has to go through lot of pain and suffering in life. It aspects seventh house and also causes delay and unhappiness in marriage. It in the first makes the person lazy and suffer due to poverty, or delays success.

Second house:

Native born with Saturn in the second house usually struggles accumulating wealth. The financial situation gets better after late thirties. The native will not share loving relation with family. Speech will also get impacted, either delay in speech in childhood, or has harsh speech and untrustworthy. These people suffer some sort of mouth ailments.

Third house:

This placement gives unhappiness from siblings. The person with this placement will suffers in spite of hard work until the age of 35. It can make one settle in foreign land.

Fourth House:

It is in the fourth is not an auspicious placement for happiness from mother. Saturn also shows the struggle in the life of mother. It causes emotional disturbance and lack of mental peace. Property could also be delayed or loss of vehicle and conveyances. Heart related health issues can impact the health of the native.

Fifth House:

Placement of Saturn in the fifth house delays child birth. This position of Saturn is definitely gives sadness in the matters of love relationship or breakups. Children could also cause distress and trouble in the life of the native.

Sixth House:

It in the sixth house does quite well as it weakens the enemies and gives great level of endurance and patience to deal with conflict. Saturn in the sixth is not good for maternal side of the family. Native with Saturn in the sixth house may suffer from asthma or arthritis.

Seventh House:

It is good for property and career, but it is not good for happiness from wife. Saturn in the seventh house gives loyal and dedicated partner, but it gives health issues to partner. It is good for the sustenance of married life, even though the marriage lacks happiness.

Eighth House:

This placement of Saturn can delay the inheritance and the person will have lot of hidden secrets. The native may suffer from a long ailment and loss of wealth.

Ninth House:

Lucky placement for disciplined religious activities and property matters. But this can cause delay in rise of luck and struggles in the life of the father. We can say the father will be very strict in nature. It is here causes sadness related to father through separation or misunderstanding.

Tenth House:

It is here blesses the native with good career with slow and steady progress in life. The native may hold a good position at work front and will be very political and diplomatic in nature.

Eleventh House:

It is considered a good, as this house is ruled by Saturn in kalpurush Kundli. Depending on the strength, it can give huge gains through self-efforts.

Twelfth House:

It is in the twelfth gives foreign travel, eye trouble along with loss in profession. When joined by malefic it can gives losses in property and investments. The native himself will have secretive and deceitful nature.

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Saturn and Responsibility:

Wherever It is placed in a horoscope, it gives sadness in that area or through the relative signified by that house. One must learn to be focused and dedicated in the area of Saturn to avoid any hardships. Placement of Saturn in a horoscope sheds light on the areas of responsibility and patience. It can give some sadness, setbacks and responsibility towards the house significance. The only way to rise and shine in the area of Saturn is through discipline and dedication.

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