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Conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 1st House


In Astrology, planets give their results individually & also in conjunction. Which means when two or more planets are together, their individual results get modified as per the nature of conjunction and where the same is happening in the horoscope. Sun is the Atma or Soul, its conjunction with any planet has a direct impact on the person. Lets see the impact of Sun Rahu conjunction in the First House of the horoscope:

  1. Suns’ conjunction with Rahu is not considered good. Both share a mutual inimical relationship and their coming together creates Grahan Dosha in the chart. 
  2. People with such a combination are independent in their thought process and try to follow their own rules with high confidence.
  3. They are very ambitious leaders and create their own path for success in all circumstances of life.
  4. They don’t like to follow a set convention and are unique in their thought process, always suggesting new different ideas for moving forward.
  5. These people can be clever by nature and sometimes their short tempered, reactive attitude can lead to unnecessary arguments.
  6. Sun-Rahu conjunction can also create some misunderstandings with the Father. Father might face struggle in life.
  7. VII. Native can also face some challenges in the area of Health. Internal immunity could be weak, so proper care and attention to health is required.
  8. VIII. People with such a conjunction in the first house can have some understanding issues with their spouse, although this can change with other positive combinations.
  9. There is a possibility of making wrong decisions at crucial stages of life due to the rigid attitude.
  10. Native can also face some issues in partnership or business matters.


Overall, the Sun Rahu conjunction in the 1st house can give mixed results. To ward-off the negative results of this combination, it is advisable to do proper remedies as advised by an experienced astrologer.

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