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Planets define Marriage & Spouse in Astrology


Astrology & its followers know that each planet has an impact over different aspects of our life. One of these areas which is of major importance is, Marriage. It is the stage of our life after which life changes. For some, it is a positive experience and life changes for good and for some, it’s the opposite. Yes, the planets have a big role to play here. The Seventh House of our Birth Chart or Horoscope & the planets placed there tells the story of our married life. Lets see how the different planets in the seventh house influence this aspect of our married life and also the individuals involved:

Venus in Seventh House:

It is a good position for married life. People with such a placement generally are blessed with a beautiful spouse. They are quite attached with their spouse and enjoy a good & intimate relationship. Their spouse has artistic qualities and is lucky for them. Generally they get material success and growth in their careers after marriage.  

Mars in Seventh House: 

Mars is a planet of passion & aggression. Its placement in the seventh house can make the partners aggressive towards each other. This aggression will be seen both in love and hate. Spouses of the people with Mars in the seventh house are confident, energetic & impulsive. These people have to be quick and action oriented to match their spouses actions. 

Moon in Seventh House: 

Moon denotes emotions. Its presence in the seventh house makes the married life full of love and emotion. The spouse will be highly artistic, beautiful and loving. The success of this relationship depends on how well the couple understands each other’s feelings. The spouse will be compassionate and could have mood swings as the Moon rules the mind.

Sun in Seventh House: 

Sun is authority, power and leadership. Its placement in the seventh house is bound to create ego issues between the life partners. But if one has a down to earth approach, it’s easy to have a great relationship. Spouse loves to play the role of a protective person, may be demanding in nature but is intelligent and smart, thus will take the lead in all matters of decision making.

Saturn in Seventh House:

 Saturn represents slow, old, mature, impartial and hardworking aspects of life. Its placement in the seventh house gives a Spouse who is hardworking and mature in thoughts. They have an unbiased outlook towards life & situations, Married life could have certain tensions due to Saturn’s tendency to settle the karmic balance of previous lives.

Rahu in Seventh House: 

Rahu is unconventional, something that is out of the box, not as per the rules. Its placement in the seventh house can give marriage outside one’s religion, caste or birth place. One can also have foreign relationships. Spouse will be sharp minded & willing to take risky decisions in life. There could be some problems or issues due to differences in the thought process of the partners.

Mercury is a planet of intelligence. Its placement in the seventh house gives a well educated spouse, friendly & playful in nature. They will never let one feel bored or have a sedentary lifestyle, always ready to travel and have fun around. There could be some difference of opinion due to the decision making skills of the spouse as they are likely to have difficulty in taking decisions and might feel double minded in many situations.

Ketu in the Seventh House: 

Ketu is a planet of detachment. Its placement in the seventh house is not considered good, if the other partner is highly materialistic in nature. Ketu’s presence in the seventh house gives a spouse having spiritually inclined higher goals. For making the relationship a success it is important to have a common goal that is not defined by materialism.

Jupiter in the Seventh House: 

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom. Its placement in the seventh house gives a spouse always ready to shower wisdom upon the other partner. Luck & wealth factor enhances after marriage due to Jupiter’s beneficence. Overall it’s a good placement if one can handle the confidence and intelligence of the spouse.


There is a definite impact of planets on the married life and quality of spouse. Above impact can get modified by the placement of other planets in the chart and their relationship with the seventh house and its owner. For a complete assessment of your horoscope and its marriage compatibility, feel free to get in touch with us.


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