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Everything About Yogini Ekadashi and Pooja Timing

Yogini Ekadashi and Pooja Timing

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Yogini Ekadashi is highly significant and is celebrated by Hindus. According to the Hindu Calendar 2024, it falls on the 11th day, i.e. Ekadasi Tithi during Krishna Paksha. On this special day, devotees fast and worship Lord Vishnu. It is accepted that observing this fast with devotion helps in accomplishing harmony and joy.

In short, This Month Ekadashi Yogini comes after Nirjala Ekadashi and before Dev Shayini Ekadashi (Ashadha shukla paksha).

This fast is particularly important to be seen by individuals who are suffering from skin-related issues. This fast, in the same way as other Ekadashi Fasting, is very fulfilling and removes every previous sin and bad deed and gives great health. 

Meaning of Yogini Ekadashi

“Yogini” refers to female yogis or spiritual specialists, and by seeing this Ekadashi, individuals look for profound growth and cleaning. It is a period for reflection, prayer, and interfacing with the divine.

Yogini Ekadashi Date and Yogini Ekadashi Timings 2024

  • Start of Yogini Ekadashi Tithi: July 01, 10:26 a.m.
  • Ends of Yogini Ekadashi Tithi: July 02, 8:42 a.m.
  • Time in Parana: June 03, from 05:49 AM until 07:10 AM

Fasting Rules for Yogini Ekadashi

Yogini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi incorporates shunning grains, beans, and cereals. Certain people also Vrat from water, drink milk, and eat fruits. It is normal to stay awake the entire night and perform prayers. 

Why is Yogini Ekadahsi Celebrated?

One of the 24 Ekadashi Vrats celebrated by Hindus is Yogini Ekadashi. The Vrat is out of appreciation for Lord Vishnu and happens in the month of Ashadha during the Krishna Paksha. Fast-observers accomplish bliss, and prosperity in life by getting away from the cycle of birth and past sins.

Anyone, paying little mind to progress in years, can observe the Yogini Ekadashi fast; it is planned for the people who wish to be sound and free from disease. Those with skin conditions, like leprosy, should follow this quickly with specific importance. 

In the same way as other Ekadashi fasts, this one is extremely productive too; it cleanses every past offense and evil deeds and advances great health.

Rituals of Yogini Ekadashi 2024 

Yogini Ekadashi 2024 starts on Dashami Tithi of the Hindu calendar and goes on until Dwadashi Tithi, the 12th day. The individuals who see this fast must change to a sattvic diet and thoroughly go without tamasic food sources. Additionally, the individual in question ought to forsake every erotic pleasure. 

The fan ought to have a hopeful outlook, offer flowers and sweets to the deity’s representation or statue, and implore Lord Vishnu to flourish.Other puja things like incense sticks, deepak, water holders, and bells ought to be kept on a plate to propose to God.

Tulsi leaves ought to be purchased on the previous day, so one doesn’t need to call it upon the arrival of Ekadashi. Every one of the devotees offers it to Lord Vishnu. It is additionally viewed as promising to worship the Peepal tree on this day.

Other family members and relatives can also engage in the puja regardless of whether they are not fasting and sing the bhajans and aarti for family health and joy.After the puja aarti is over Prasad is upset with everybody and it should comprise either sweets or fruits.

The eyewitness of the fast needs to make sure to eat one or greatest two meals without grains and salt. The individual in question should try not to drink water too habitually.The following day, during sunrise the enthusiast offers prayer to the Lord, and lit light, alongside circulating prasad, which completes his or her Vrat.

Story Behind the Yogini Ekadashi

This is the story of Hema Mali, a grounds-keeper, Yaksha, and his wife, Swarupavati. Hema Mali was employed by Kuvera, the Alakapuri Ruler, who was a devoted follower of Lord Shiv Ji. 

Hema Mali’s liability was to gather flowers from Mansarovar Lake and deliver them to the king so that Lord Shiva may be adored consistently. In any case, he was very enchanted with his better half, so on one occasion he dismissed his responsibilities and spent time with her.

Thus, he couldn’t present flowers to Ruler Kuvera for the puja. To figure out why Hema Mali was absent and not appearing, the king dispatched one of his messengers. The messengers found that Hema Mali was not satisfying his responsibility of getting-together flowers and introducing them to the ruler, yet rather was investing time and energy with his spouse. 

He returned to the palace and let the ruler know that his delightful and wonderful spouse was the reason for his imprudence. It was mandated that Hema Mali show up in court.

Despite his request for mercy, the ruler condemned him to white leprosy and constrained him to live separated from his companion. 

Hema Mali contracted white sickness when he was banished from the royal residence. Following quite a while of meandering through the wild, he at last showed up at Sage Markandeya’s ashram. The astute Markandeya recounted the whole story.

The sage advised Hema Mali to notice Yogini Ekadashi fast to be freed from the revile and the following infection.Hema Mali followed directions, kept the quick, and changed once more into a Yaksha, a divine being. Thus, he could spend the rest of his life happily with his significant other.

Significance of Yogini Ekadashi 2024

Yogini Ekadashi like other Ekadashi vrats has incredible importance and is seen by numerous Hindus everywhere. It is referenced in the Padma Puran that whoever follows the rituals of the Yogini Ekadashi can accomplish great well-being, become prosperous, and consequently have a happy life.

This Vrat comes once consistently and its effect is areas of strength for serving and feeding around 80,000 brahmins.Yogini Ekadashi unequivocally affects one’s life if the fast and puja is followed rigorously. The vrat, like other Ekadashi fasts, starts from dawn and goes on until the following day’s sunrise.

The individual noticing the fast shouldn’t consume any sort of cereal or grain like wheat, grain, or rice.The food eaten ought to be made separately without salt. He/she should awaken before dawn on the day of Yogini Ekadashi and have a shower.

One remaining part must be cleaned over the day and chant Lord Vishnu drones. According to the Vrat demands, the devotee ought to stay conscious during the night and worship God for good health and well-being to Lord Vishnu. 

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