Virgos are logical, methodical, and practical. Virgos tend to keep their pain to themselves and focus on seeking answers. To keep things under control and to not annoy other people, they often keep their feelings to themselves!


Harmonious, charming, and polite, Librans are. Libras strive for balance and harmony in their life. Usually, they hide their sorrow behind a calm and collected exterior to avoid conflict and maintain harmony!


Scorpios possess strength, reserve, and focus. Scorpios are quite good at keeping their inner feelings hidden. Their overwhelming drive to keep everything under control and their private nature make them adept at hiding their suffering from others!


Ambition and discipline characterize Capricorns. It's common knowledge that Capricorns value responsibility and discipline highly. They usually hide their pain so they can maintain their cool and continue working toward their goals without appearing weak!


Aquarians are independent, imaginative, and well-informed. Aquarians are emotionally detached and have a tendency to value their uniqueness. They hide their pain by pushing their pain behind a smile and focusing on picking up new skills or helping others!


Pisceans have keen perception, creativity, and sensitivity. Pisceans are extremely kind individuals who often hide their pain in order to spare others from it. They might hide away in their dream world or express their sadness via art and creativity!