Astrological Consultation:

To address anger issues through astrology, consult an experienced astrologer. They analyze your birth chart to pinpoint planets triggering your anger, helping you understand and take targeted remedial actions.

Chanting Mantras:

Chanting mantras linked to planetary deities, like "Om Shanti" or the "Gayatri mantra," can calm the mind and emotions. Regular practice promotes emotional stability and reduces anger by aligning with cosmic energies for inner peace.

Wearing Gemstones:

Gemstones like Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, and Moonstone are used in astrological remedies for anger management due to their calming properties. An astrologer can suggest the right gemstone based on your birth chart to reduce anger issues and improve emotional balance.

Fasting on Specific Days:

Fasting is an ancient practice believed to purify the mind and body. Observing fasts on specific days dedicated to planetary deities, like Tuesdays for Mars or Saturdays for Saturn, can calm their influences and reduce anger. Consult an astrologer before fasting to ensure it suits your individual horoscope.

Light a Diya:

In your home, place a lamp or diya and light it toward the east both at night and in the morning. It is also advised to offer arag to the Sun God and take a warm bath as soon as you wake up.

Donating to Charitable Causes:

Donating to charity on days linked to beneficial planets can neutralize negative energies and boost positive influences in life. Supporting causes for anger management, mental health, or peace initiatives can effectively improve your emotional well-being.

Practice Meditation and Breathing Techniques:

Regular meditation and deep breathing techniques in your daily routine help control anger. Mindfulness practice enhances emotional awareness, enabling calm and rational responses. Meditation connects you with your inner self, improving control over thoughts.