Kundali Milan is a comparison of two birth charts. It is a process of bringing two people together, especially for the purpose of marriage. It explores the compatibility between them.

Hindus believe that marriage is a sacred bond that is prearranged long before birth. One of the most lovely times in a person's life is getting married.

Matchmaking plays a very crucial role in marriage. We often see many rituals when a Marriage takes place and even before the marriage in Hindus.

Importance of Matchmaking:

Matching the bride and groom's Kundlis resolves post-marriage issues. Astrology offers remedies for any doshas.

Compatibility of Two Souls:

A total of 36 Gunas are matched before marriage to determine the bride and groom's compatibility and future together. Each Guna represents how their stars and destinies will interact.

Financial Stability & Career Prospects

The bride and groom's lives are influenced by their planets' movements. Matching their Kundlis reveals these planetary locations and their impact.

An essential aspect of Kundli matchmaking is ensuring future generations' well-being. The eighth point, Nadi, is crucial for assessing childbirth likelihood and potential issues, which parents prioritize for family happiness.

Ability to tolerate a problem:

A child's destiny is shaped by star positions and birth timing. Charts may have doshas like Mangal or Shandi, causing post-marriage issues. Kundali Milan checks for these. Severe cases advise against marriage; moderate ones can be mitigated with pujas.

Particular Puja: