Perfumes are personal and can affect one's energy. Some believe certain scents carry negative energies that clash with an individual's aura. Each zodiac sign has unique energy, and a mismatched fragrance can disrupt harmony.

Sharp Objects:

Stay clear of giving sharp items like scissors or blades as gifts since they are said to bring misfortune and damage your relationship.

Glass Objects:

I'm sure you've heard the superstition that says everything that breaks, suggests bad luck. Astrologers apply this idea to the presence of glassware, implying that if something breaks, it can also destroy your relationship.


Everyone values their time highly. Time is linked to the planet Saturn; when Saturn is ill in a person's 'kundali,' it can cause hindrances, delays, and problems in life. Giving your significant other a watch or clock is thought to symbolize the end of the relationship.

Black and White Objects:

Things that are black or white are linked to negativity, misery, and despair. On auspicious events and during times of mourning, these colors are worn. Given the possibility that certain hues contain bad energy.


Handkerchiefs are not considered auspicious gifts in Vedic Astrology. They should not be given as gifts since they are connected to tears and sorrow.


You might want to think twice before giving your significant other shoes. It is customary to present shoes in pairs. Giving a single shoe to a couple who are dating but not living together might be interpreted as a curse and could hasten their separation.