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Transit of Mars and its impact on Different Signs

Transit of mars and its impact on different signs

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Mars has moved on 1st July, 2023 at 02:06am from its sign of debilitation to the vibrant and fiery sign of Leo, which is linked to creativity, knowledge, leadership, children and self-confidence. As mars will transit through Leo for next few more days, we can expect motivation in chasing objectives, communication of our thoughts with excitement and enthusiasm. There may be enhancement in the leadership skills, which may motivate to take the lead and confidently affirm our authority. Let’s explore the prospective impact of mars transit on each moon sign.  


Mars transit through 5th house of children, education, hobbies for Aries moon natives and will aspect 8th house of longevity 11th house of gains, earnings and 12th house of expensesThere may be lot more of tensions and pressure at work place. A surge in expenditures is also visible. Since Saturn is also aspecting the 1st house of Aries moon natives, delays and denials are also seenThere is a need to take care of health also. So, it’s advisable to keep a check on health and expenses. 


Mars is transiting through 4th house of residence, and is aspecting 7th  house of relationship,  10th house of career and 11th house of gains There are chances of health issues to mother. Avoid having unnecessary arguments with your partner. A control in aggression is much required as it may lead to problems in life during this period. Calm mind and wise decisions will help in achievement of targets and increase in earnings.


Mars is transiting through 3rd house of courage and aspecting 6th house of loans, 9th house of luck and 10th house of career. It will be a good time for Gemini moon natives, as it may give them the success, name and fame. One will enjoy luxuries and may opt for investment on  wealth. However, there may be a requirement of a lot of hard work at workplace. One may face difficulty in getting loans, as Saturn is also aspecting the 6th house. One may go for a spiritual travel also. 


Mars is transiting through 2nd house of wealth, speech and aspecting 5th house of children, romance, education and hobbies 8th house of longevity and 9th house of luck, long distance travel. There are chances of losses, theft and cheating during this transit. There may be tensions related to children. There may be a breakup of a relationship also as Saturn is also aspecting 5th houseOne may go for a religious travel. There are chances of some issues with father, guru or boss  due to aggressive behavior, which may spoil the relationship. A control over speech and aggression is required during this period.  


Mars  is transiting through 1st house and is aspecting 4th house of mother, residence,  7th house of partner and 8th house of longevity. A control on aggression may help in keeping tensions and losses away. One may face government related problems during this transit. As transiting Saturn and retrograde Jupiter is also aspecting 4th house there are high chances of change of place. one should be careful while short distance travel and driving as there are chances of accidents and hospitalization 


Mars is transiting through 12th house of investments, losses, hospitalization and is aspecting 3rd house of courage,  6th house of loans, litigation and 7th house of partner. There will be fights with spouse and partners. There may be loss of reputation also.  So, it’s a time to stay calm and steady and check pros and cons before taking any decision. A lot of expenses on health of spouse is also on cards. There may be pain in legs also. 


Mars is transiting through 11th house and is aspecting  2nd, 5th and 6th houses. There will be success in career, if native controls the aggression. Gains in wealth, property, gold are also seen. Overall, it will be a good period for all having moon in libra.  


Mars transit through 10th house  of career and is aspecting 1st, 4th house of mother, residence, and 5th house of children, hobbies and education. One will feel the pressure at work place but there will be success in career. One may have a fear of losing some thing. Be alert, while driving or using tools or operating machineries as there are chances of injuries. There are chances of health issues to mother. One may also face health issues related to digestive system. Tension related to children is also visible Keep a control on aggression and take decisions wisely.


Mars is transiting through 9th house and is aspecting 12th, 3rd and 4th house Lots of big expenses or loss of wealth is visible. Some unwanted events may also occur. There may be loss of reputation. Alertness towards all the important decisions is highly recommended. 


Mars will transit through 8th house of longevity and will aspect 11th house of gains  2nd house of family and 3rd house of courage, siblings. It may be a period of tensions, leading to fluctuation in moods, fights/disputes due to aggression. Be cautious while using any tools or working on any machinery also. This is the time of mental/physical pains. A control on speech and aggression may deliver good results. Stability/increase in earnings is also seen as retrograded Jupiter along with mars is also aspecting 11th house.  


Mars will be transiting through 7th house of partner and will aspect 10th house of career, 1st house – the lagna and 2nd house of family. There may be gains from business/career and friends. One may have a good time with the family. This will be time for self-grooming. Shopping of clothes, jewellery is on cards. 


Mars will be transiting through 6th house of loans and litigation and will aspect 9th house of luck, father, guru,  12th  house of losses,  expenses and 1st house – the lagna. Jupiter also aspecting 12th house of expenses. There will be winning of competition. Recovery in health and gains is also on cards. There may be expenditures related to travel or for yagya/hawans etc. It may be a happy period for all the Pisces moon. 

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