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Hanish Sir is an expert in his field and possesses great knowledge. He is an astrologer with a clear vision and understands other persons requirements to give an appropriate solution. He explains the complex concepts of astrology very easily to others. I highly recommend him to others.

Kritika Srivastava

Hanish ji possesses very good knowledge of Astrology and its all branches. His way of teaching this science is recommendable. Feeling blessed to be part of Astrology journey with him as I am getting a different and best perspective of the subject.

Manish Verma

Superb, speechless. I met several astrologers but I was really impressed with Mr. Hanish ji. He is really a complete astrologer. I am feeling obliged and proud that I am Student of Acharya Ganesh Thank For Hanish Bagga Ji.

Mayank Gilani

Mr Hanish Bagga is a remarkable astrologer with an impeccable teaching style. His predictions are accurate and his remedies are really effective. He helps people to sail through difficult times by telling the basic issue wrt to planet placement.

Naina Nagpal

Hanish Bagga ji is the best Astrologer in india. I am Grateful for all your suggestions, it’s Actually works in my life and now I am the one who truly believes in Astrology and their Science.Thank You Hanish ji!

Arvind Prasad

Hanish Ji has created a wonderful environment for students to learn Jyotish. He really takes care that he addresses most of the questions if not all. I have enjoyed taking 5 different courses from him. Highly recommended!

Debayan Sarkar

Acharya Ganesh is a great place to learn occult science especially lal kitab,lal kitab vastu of different levels by Hanish Sir.I have done courses from Hanish Sir.He has deep expertise and experience of more than twenty years

Sanjit Nair

I was skeptical at first, but after my consultation with this astrologer, I’m a true believer. Their detailed analysis and personalized advice have been a game-changer.

Sanjeev Choudhary

The astrologer’s deep understanding of planetary influences is truly remarkable. Their readings have helped me navigate challenging times with a renewed sense of purpose.


The workshop covering astrology (Planet in different houses) and basic conjunction as per lal kitab also planet signification. Very Good for beginners

Ratankant Mishra

Accuracy is just incredible. This has helped me a lot. I was really in need of it. Positive guidance is given as well. Thanku Hanish Bagga sir

Madhu Rai

Absolutely amazed by the accuracy of this astrologer’s predictions! Their insights have been invaluable in guiding my life decisions.

Himanshi Atithihomestay

Absolutely amazed by the accuracy of this astrologer’s predictions! Their insights have been invaluable in guiding my life decisions.


Excellent platform to learn about our ancient science. Baggaji is an excellent Guruji who will guide you from basics.

Prasheel Shenoy

Did the Astrology Beginner Course , enjoyed the session. Simple and easy way of teaching astrology by Acharya Ganesh

Deepali Gole

Actually your remedies changed my life… Thanks for your guidance… Best in my knowledge.

Rajesh Dubey

I am Impressed with the Teaching in Vedic , Lal Kitab, and Vastu with Hannish Bagga Sir…

Ajay Jadhav

-I’m very happy to take online consultation……they provide me accurate predictions… astrologer

Rinku Devi

Fantastic teacher and guide…must learn from Hanis Sir

Vibeck Saraf