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Sun & Mars Conjunction in Astrology’s in the First House

Sun & Mars Conjunction In Astrology’s In The First House

Introduction: Welcome to a celestial voyage where we will discover the cosmic harmony between the powerful Sun and active Mars as they align in the ascendant, the renowned first house of astrology. We explore the deep meanings of the Sun & Mars conjunction in this cosmic ballet, looking at how it affects your astrological path […]

Ninth House and your Fortune

Ninth House And Your Fortune

Introduction: Ninth house of our horoscope is very important as it is the house of luck. It is the house of our wisdom, philosophy, religious beliefs, higher education and long distance travels. Ninth house also represents our father in Vedic astrology. This house belongs to the dharma trikona 1, 5, and 9. Jupiter is the […]

Mars and Your Courage

Mars and Your Courage

Introduction: Mars the planet that represents courage, action, anger, weapons, land, brother, accidents impulse behavior. It rules the first house and eighth house of kalpurush Kundli. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Sun, moon and Jupiter are friends of mars, planet mercury is the enemy and has neutral relationship with Saturn and […]

Trigrahi Yoga – Impact on Zodiac Signs

Trigrahi Yoga – Impact on Zodiac Signs

Introduction: According to Vedic astrology, the conjunctions of planets made from time to time during transit impacts the human life. It may be  positive for some and negative for others. If the planets are friendly they harmonize each other’s energies and if the planets are non friendly, they cancel out each others energies. On July […]

Transit of Mars and its impact on Different Signs

Transit of mars and its impact on different signs

Introduction: Mars has moved on 1st July, 2023 at 02:06am,  from its sign of debilitation to the vibrant and fiery sign of Leo, which is linked to creativity, knowledge, leadership, children and self-confidence. As mars will transit through Leo for next few more days, we can expect motivation in chasing objectives, communication of our thoughts […]

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