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Sun and Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

Sun and Saturn Conjunction in Astrology

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Sun is the significator for soul, it represents ones authority, power, fame recognition, creative abilities in Vedic astrology. Saturn is the significator of delays, sorrows, limitation, pain, punishments, discipline, dedication, In Vedic astrology combination of planets plays big role as they influence each other result and gives mixed results, whenever two planet conjunct in any horoscope the result of that house will be influenced by all planets. Degrees of planets are also very crucial to determine the power of a planet closeness of planets. The relationship between the planets is also important as it changes the final outcome. When two enemy planets sun and Saturn conjoins in a horoscope it creates challenges in the life of the native. Having this combination anywhere will impact ones relationship with father or with people in authoritative positions. It will give results according to house placement.

Sun and Saturn in the first house:

Sun and Saturn in first house delays the success and creates ego clashes with father and bosses. The native with such placement will face hurdles and health issues in life. Both planet will be aspecting seventh house of marriage resulting in delays, misunderstanding, and lack of happiness in relationship. Business partnership will also have its own challenges with such placements. One may also feel deprived of physical intimacy or enjoyment.

Sun and Saturn in the Second house:

Sun and Saturn in the house of family and wealth will give delays in accumulation of wealth. There could be financial issues within the family. The native with such placement will have harsh speech and bad food habits.

Sun and Saturn in the third house:

Sun and Saturn in the third will affect ones courage and relation with the sibling. Native may not have enough enthusiasm for taking action in life. May struggle in career and lack of support from the immediate surrounding.

Sun and Saturn in the fourth house:

Having this combination in fourth house is not considered good as the will not be able to fully enjoy the love and affection of mother. Delays in the matters of property can also be seen. One may have to live away from homeland or mother. Mother’s health can also be a matter of concern with the placement of sun and Saturn occupying fourth house. One can rise in the field of real estate but after the age of 36.

Sun and Saturn in the fifth house:

This combination may cause delay in childbirth and give break in education. This is also not good for one’s romantic relationship. The profession may be related to ones hobby or passion. One could also face trouble related to the health of children.

Sun and Saturn in the sixth house:

This will create unnecessary arguments with father and at workplace. One may struggle with health issues in the early age. The native will face obstacles and hardships but will win over competition.

Sun and Saturn in the seventh house:

In the house of marriage and business partnership, it will create issues and the native may not be able to enjoy the married life, due to work commitments. Native will face hardships before rising in professional life. The profession will improve after marriage.
Sun and Saturn in the eighth house- this is not good for the health of father and it will also delay inheritance. This will give strong interest in occult and other hidden things. It will also give accidents and the native will face sudden changes in career.

Sun and Saturn in the ninth house:

Sun and Saturn in the ninth is good for spirituality and following dharma. This will make one obedient towards father but disagreements will still prevail in the relationship of father and son. The native will be highly interested in taking pilgrimages but of old traditions and historical places.

Sun and Saturn in the tenth house:

This will give good results in the field of career. This can make one work in the administrative posts in government sector. The native will have good reputation and political connections.

Sun and Saturn in the eleventh house:

This will make one work hard to achieve gains. Gains will be delayed but will definitely enjoy connection and huge gains in the later stage of life.

Sun and Saturn in the twelfth house:

Having this combination in the twelfth house of horoscope makes one get success in foreign land. Some foreign connections will be there related to work and one may get fame in foreign land. But the relationship between father and son could be very distant. The native will have secret enemies. This can also give career in the medical field.

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Anyone with this combination should be patient as that is the learning of this conjunction. Saturn will give everything after testing ones patience and determination. One should learn to respect their father or people in authority to avoid disagreements. This conjunction makes one rebellious and justice lover. Success will be delayed for such native but will give great results in late thirties. These people rise due to their endurance and becomes inspirational for many.

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