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Name Alphabets: Hee,Hoo,He,Ho,Da,Dee,Doo,De,Do

Symbol: The Crab

Ruling Planet: Chandrama (Moon)

Element: Jal (Water)

Karka Rashi (Cancer) is the fourth Sign. Its symbol is the Crab, a sensitive, self protective creature. Ruled by the Moon, the fastest, ever changing planet of the solar system, ruling the emotions and the mind.

Positive Traits of Karka Rashi (Cancer):

  • Caring & Nurturing: People are known for their caring nature.
  • Intuitive: They are highly intuitive and emotional. They can often sense the needs and feelings of those around them.
  • Emotional  & Sensitive: They are emotionally sensitive and empathetic and connect deeply with others on an emotional level.
  • Protective: They are protective of their loved ones and prioritize the well-being and safety of those close to them.
  • Family Oriented: Family holds great importance for them and they enjoy spending time with family members.

Negative Traits of Karka Rashi (Cancer):

  • Overly Protective: While their protective nature is a positive trait,  people can sometimes become extremely protective, leading to issues in life.
  • Mood Swings: They are prone to mood swings and emotional fluctuations influenced by external factors, and they may need time to recharge themselves.
  • Nostalgic: They sometimes have a tendency to cling to the past, whether it’s past nostalgic memories. Letting go of the past is not easy for them.
  • Communication: At times, they are unable to express their feelings to others.


The birthstone of Karka Rashi (Cancer) is the Pearl (Moti), a gemstone known for its purity, innocence & resilience. Pearl (Moti) symbolizes Karka Rash’i (Cancer) nurturing and protective nature.


It is generally considered to be best compatible with people whose Moon signs are Scorpio (Vrishchika) and Pisces (Meena).

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