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Sagittarius – The Sign of a Visionary

Sagittarius – The Sign Of A Visionary

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Sagittarius is a fiery sign of the zodiac, which rules the ninth house of a horoscope. The ruling planet is Jupiter that represents luck, wisdom, spirituality. It is one of the most philosophical signs of the zodiac belt. Sagittarius represents Dharma in Vedic astrology and this quality is very much apparent in the native with Moon in Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising. It is represented by the symbol of Archer, which signifies its goal oriented personality. Sagittarians are friendly, open minded, judgmental and highly enthusiastic in their approach. This is a sign of knowledge so, with moons placement in Sagittarius or if it’s rising in a birth chart the person will be knowledgeable irrespective of their qualification or learnings. These natives are born with great ability to grasp and understand things. They are known for their sharpness and intellect.

Flaws of Sagittarius rising:


Sagittarius natives are highly impatient by nature, their fiery energy makes them lack patience in everything. They are restless until they achieve their goals.

Brutally blunt:

People with prominent placement of Sagittarius in their birth chart, are quite blunt in their communication. They do not hold back their feelings, and can also come across as brutally blunt and honest at times, without fearing the outcome. These people speak their hearts out.

Short tempered:

Sagittarius natives are short tempered and restless, they do not tolerate anything that does not go their way. They are quite intimidating due to their harshness. It is very hard for them to not react or express themselves. Due to their fearless attitude they do not shy away from showing off their temper.

Blindly optimistic:

Sagittarians are overly optimistic individuals, which lends them into trouble or bear unnecessary losses. They tend to forget the practical approach towards life, and fail to see the real picture.

Free spirits:

Sagittarians are free spirits and rebellious by nature, they are the hardest to control, they can leave anything for their sense of freedom. They will not tolerate manipulation or restriction of any kind. It makes them behave as extremist at times leading to disappointments in professional and personal life.

Unique traits of Sagittarius rising:


One of the most powerful traits of Sagittarius people is their ability to inspire others.

They have this magnetic persona, which they carry along with their sharp intellect which is inspiring in so many ways.

Learning throughout life:

Sagittarian native are always learning something new, as they have this thirst for knowledge that keeps them occupied throughout life in learning something that helps them grow wiser and bolder.


Being highly independent is one of the powerful qualities of Sagittarius natives, they are born with great leadership quality. Their sense of freedom and independence makes them shine even in the toughest moments of life.

Focused Approach:

Sagittarius is a sign that is highly focused on its goals and these individuals have the ability to achieve anything, as they are unrestful until they achieve their goals.

Lucky in General:

Being born in the ninth sign of luck, Sagittarians are generally lucky in all pursuits of life, they are fortunate and blessed in so many ways. As they are highly enthusiastic and optimistic, it makes them achieve a lot in life because of their natural ability to attract better.

Loyal and Honest:

Loyalty and honesty is something that is highly important for Sagittarians as they are very loyal and honest in their relationships.

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Sagittarians are great friends, leaders and they do really well in their profession, but they get carried away by their goals and fail to maintain work life balance. Once they understand and learn to take rest, it will really help them to perform better and have better balance of mind, body and spirit. It is a sign that represents blessings of God in your horoscope.

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