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Purvashadha Nakshatra

Purvashadha Nakshatra

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Purvashadha Nakshatra is the twentieth nakshatra, it ranges from 1320 to 2640 in the sign of Sagittarius. The deity of Purvashadha is apes – goddess of waters. The symbol of this nakshatra is a hand held fan and the ruling planetary lord is Venus. The symbol also signifies its air element. Meaning of purvashadha is the former invincible one, it has this quality of undefeated which suggests the quality of the native born under this nakshatra. It is a fierce nakshatra in nature and is considered good for activities that requires courage.

General characteristics of purvashadha natives:

People born under this constellation are smart, attractive, intelligent and proud. They are very emotional due to the influence of water element and they carry a magnetic personality with an alluring charm. The characteristic of these native that sets them apart is the belief that they can win over anything. They use their communication skills and knowledge as their strength in adverse situations. These native carries the Venus qualities with grace and elegance. They believe in enjoying every moment of life with unique sense of power and intelligence. Natives born under this nakshatra has natural leadership and influential qualities. One of the main characteristics of people born under this constellation is that they constantly work towards their progress and growth in life.

Male Natives of Purvashadha Nakshatra:

The sense of intelligence is quite high in this nakshatra, he can handle different things and possess great communication skills. Due to the sign of Sagittarius these natives are quite philosophical and preachy by nature. They are very good at advising people and making friends. They have general caring attitude and love for beauty and comfort in life. Lordship of Venus makes them highly interested in the relationships and they can easily attract opposite sex.

Female natives of Purvashadha Nakshatra:

Purva Aashaadha female natives are bold and beautiful. They are intelligent with a great sense of freedom. They do not like to work under someone as they have good leadership qualities. Females born under this nakshatra can be proud and outspoken. They have good sense of beauty and luxury and invests in relationships a lot which makes them struggle in life, but they generally has good and supporting spouse. They are very outgoing and friendly by nature, and seek freedom in every stage of life.

Different Pada of Purvashadha:

First Pada:

It falls in Leo Navamsa 1320 to 1640 ruled by sun. It naturally makes them boastful and famous and proud by nature.

Second Pada:

This Pada 1640 to 2000 Sagittarius falls in Virgo navamsa which is ruled by mercury, it makes them highly intellectual and curious.

Third Pada:

This Pada is 2000 to 2320 Sagittarius falls in libra ruled by planet Venus, it’s a great for materialistic comforts, relationships and overall success in life.

Fourth Pada:

This Pada 2320 – 2640 Sagittarius falls in Scorpio navamsa and the ruler is mars, it is connected to occult, secrets and hidden affairs.

Profession suitable for Purvashadha Nakshatra:

They make good teachers, counsellors, fashion designer, motivational speaker, work related to water, and managers in their chosen field.

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Life pattern of purvashadha native is quite challenging, they do face struggles in life but their strong headedness makes them take actions without realizing the consequences. Their actions are replica of an arrow represented by the sign of Sagittarius, as once it leaves there is no turning back. They do not believe in giving up or changing decisions. The thought process of these natives are as deep as water and reflects on its ability to hide and be secretive. Purvashada native has youthful energy thus may come across as childlike at times. They have something unusual in their personal relationships as these native think differently than others. Love for these native is not only physical they seek that deeper communication and connection. Purvashadha natives fall for intelligence and they find inner qualities more attractive than the physical. They usually stay away from their homeland. Connection with water makes these natives use the element of water in a very distinctive manner. If they learn to not overreact and not rush into decisions they can really avoid unnecessary losses and disappointments in different areas of life. Just like any other constellations it has its negative and positive traits, but the the uniqueness of this nakshatra is they stand out in crowd and have a very different thought process.

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