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Vastu Remedies


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Vastu provides us with knowledge of the science of architecture and helps us live in harmony with nature and our surroundings.  Vastu for our homes and all structural units, includes design principles, space layout, measurements, arrangement of space, colours, alignment with directions etc. A poorly designed/ill aligned space can pose a lot of challenges for the people who use that space. Vastu remedies help to settle negative energies and amplify positive energies to support your growth and success. Some Vastu remedies are:

  • Changing colours of particular areas of the house / building / office / industry
  • Placing specific Vastu products such as stones, metal, articles, artefacts, paintings in particular areas of the house / building / office / industry
  • Establishment of correct structure – At the time of finalizing the map
  • Enhancing / balancing the strength of a particular zone (direction)