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Ninth House and your Fortune

Ninth House And Your Fortune

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Ninth house of our horoscope is very important as it is the house of luck. It is the house of our wisdom, philosophy, religious beliefs, higher education and long distance travels. Ninth house also represents our father in Vedic astrology. This house belongs to the dharma trikona 1, 5, and 9. Jupiter is the ruling planet of ninth house, and Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of ninth house in kalpurush Kundli.

Results of different planets in ninth house:

Sun in 9th House:

Sun that represents father occupying. It is a very good placement. It makes one gain knowledge and spiritual. Sun in the ninth house is also good for father especially when it is not afflicted. Favor from government and lucky in life but gives difference of opinion with father.

Moon in the 9th house:

Moon in the ninth house is considered nine times powerful. It makes one intelligent and brings name and fame due to one’s knowledge. This placement of moon makes one wealthy and highly educated along with great opportunities of travel. If moon is in ninth house and at the same mars is in eleventh it makes one affluent and prosperous.

Jupiter in the 9th house:.

Jupiter in the ninth house is considered a very lucky placement as it makes highly spiritual and wise in nature. Lucky after the birth of the native’s children. Native will have good personality as Jupiter will aspect ascendant from ninth house. It will take long distance pilgrimages that will prove beneficial and activate luck for the native. Native will be generally lucky in life and will be blessed with a guru. The native with Jupiter in ninth enjoys luck in foreign land along with high status and reputation.

Mars in the 9th house:

Mars in the ninth house of horoscope makes one lucky in the matters of land. It makes one courageous and powerful and strong willed which is required for ones growth in life. Native’s brother will be helpful and lucky for the native.

Venus in the 9th house:

Venus in the ninth house makes one lucky after marriage. One enjoys luxury and wealth through partner and rises in life. But this placement of Venus gives long distance relationship or lot of travel is also indicated.

Mercury in the 9th house:

Mercury is not considered as a great placement as it can give issues in speech or make one analytical in the matters of religion. If mercury is receiving benefic aspect one can be interested in astrology or other Vedic studies.

Saturn in the 9th house:

Saturn in the ninth house is a lucky placement for property, the only thing with Saturn ninth is, luck will favor bit late as Saturn represents delays in life. This placement of Saturn will give some issues or disagreements with one’s father, teacher or guru. Saturn in the ninth makes one very disciplined in the religious matters or performing rituals.

Rahu in the 9th house:

Rahu in the ninth is not a good placement as it gives challenges in the life of the native as well as the father of the native also faces challenges. The native follows other religion or becomes devotee of goddess. Luck will favor after completing 42 years of age. It also creates high chances of second marriage in the family or for self.

Ketu in the 9th house:

ketu in the ninth can makes one highly spiritual and lucky after the birth of ones male child. This placement of ketu makes one take long distance pilgrimages. This also shows father of the native being religious or involved in spiritual activities.


Overall it is very clear that any planet in the Ninth house has direct link with our luck. Planets occupying ninth will have big influence in enhancing ones luck and general happiness. It can shape ones destiny and make one follow the right path of dharma and live a life of righteousness. Having a good planets in ninth house can be considered as a blessing of god.

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