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Navamsha D-9 Chart in Astrology

Navamsha D-9 Chart in astrology

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Navamsha- “Nav” means nine and “amsha” means division. Navamsha, is the D-9 divisional chart in Astrology. It is the most important chart after D1 or Rashi Chart and gives a clear understanding of the natives’ life events. Use of Navamsha is extremely important for predictive purposes and without using D-9, it is very difficult to attain accuracy in one’s readings.

Navamsha Chart Explained:

A Kundli is a circle of 360 degrees where every sign is of 30 degrees. When we divide the sign into further 9 divisions, each and every division’s size becomes 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Navamsha is the 1/9th portion or Amsha of a sign which is 30°.  Therefore each Navamsha is equal to 3°20′. D-9 chart is most important in predictive Astrology. It is a complementary chart to the  birth chart wherein planetary strength is assessed. This chart indicates all about marriage, spouse, partners & skills of the native. In Astrology, D-9 Chart is believed to be essential for deriving accurate predictions.

Navamsha Chart Uses & Importance:

  • To assess the strength of the birth chart. 
  • To know the marriage compatibility & success.
  • To know the nature of the spouse.
  • To assess the strength of future promises revealed by Rashi Chart.
  • To check the luck factor in one’s life.
  • It also reveals the spiritual power of the person.

There are various concepts like Vargottama, Pushkara Navamsa, Rashi Tulya Navamsha etc which are of great  importance to understand the actual potential of a planet in a chart. It helps us to understand what kind of result a planet will deliver in its Dasha. 

Pushkaramasha, is the most auspicious element of a Navamsha. Each rashi or sign has two Pushkara Navamshsa. Thus with a sum total of twelve rashis or signs, there are twenty four Pushkara Navamshas. The important factor here is that these are owned by beneficial planets. Such planets during their periods give abundance of wealth, success and progress.

Vargottama, means when any Planet occupies the same Sign in the D-1 chart as well as in the Navamsha chart. If the Lagna or Ascendant of a Person Becomes Vargottama, it is highly beneficial. The Lagna becomes extremely powerful and the Lagna Lord will be able to take you to a great height.

All the Classic as well Modern Astrologers have accepted the importance of Vargottama Planets. 

The Significance of Navamsa has been accepted in Nadi astrology also. In Chandrakala Nadi various Sutra or combinations have been given about the use of Navamsha. As per the Karma Theory, Natal Chart indicates the Sanchita Karma and Navamsha Chart indicates the Prarabdha Karma.

Once we go deeper into astrology we discover that D-9 can be used for many other purposes also.


Astrology is a vast subject with many tools and techniques attached to it. Use of all of these is not possible but we must use the ones which are most important. Navamsha is one of them and it is very important to assess the Navamsha Chart along with the Rashi Chart for accurate analysis of the Kundli. If you need consultation of any aspect of your life, please feel free to contact us. 

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