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Significance of Nakshatras in Astrology

significance of nakshatras in astrology

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Nakshatras or Stars or Constellations are the divisions in the zodiac, which serve as an important tool in unraveling life’s mysteries. In Astrology, they enjoy a special status as their use and utility is far more than many other tools which are being currently adopted by the lovers of the subject. Each thirteen degree twenty minutes which is a span of one nakshatra, tells an in depth story of the native’s life. The 27 nakshatras are the daughters of King Daksha and wives of Moon. 28th, Abhijit nakshatra, is the son of King Daksha. Nakshatras are discussed extensively in Vedic texts.

Importance of Nakshatras:

The planetary placements with respect to Nakshatras are calculated at the time of the birth to analyze the horoscope. The personality of a person is based on the Nakshatras including other factors too. The Nakshatra in which the Moon is placed at the time of your birth is regarded as the Janma Nakshatra. Dasha calculation or planetary cycle is also based on Janma Nakshatra. Nakshatra of the day is one of the most important components in deciding an auspicious Muhurta. Prediction through nakshatras gives highly accurate results and is an integral part of many branches of Astrology.

Nakshatras – Characteristics & Features:

All Nakshatras have their unique features & characteristics with which they are closely identified, these are represented by:

  • Symbols
  • Ruling deity/planets
  • Lords

All these are crucial in determining the attributes of a person and are referred to for comprehensive interpretations and analysis in astrology.

S.No.  Nakshatra Ruling Planet Ruling Lord Symbol
1 Ashwani Ketu Ashwani Kumaras Horses Head
2 Bharani Venus Lord Yama Yoni
3 Kritika Sun Agni Knife
4 Rohini Moon Brahma Cart, Temple, Banyan Tree
5 Mrigshira Mars Soma Deer’s Head
6 Ardra Rahu Rudra Teardrop, Diamond, Human Head
7 Punarvasu Jupiter Aditi Bow & Quiver
8 Pushya Saturn Brahaspati Cow’s Udder, Lotus, Arrow & Circle
9 Ashlesha Mercury Nagas Serpent
10 Magha Ketu Pitra Royal Throne
11 Poorva Phalguni Venus Aryaman Fig Tree, Hammock
12 Uttara Phalguni Sun Bhaga Four Legs of Bed
13 Hasta  Moon Saviti Hand or Fist
14 Chitra Mars Vishwakarma Pearl or Bright Jewel
15 Swati Rahu Vayu Coral or Shoot of plant
16 Vishakha Jupiter Indra & Agni Potter’s Wheel, Triumphal Arch
17 Anuradha Saturn Mitra Lotus, Triumphal Arch
18 Jyestha Mercury Indra Circula Amulet, Umbrella, Earings
19 Moola Ketu Nirti Elephant Goad, Bunch of roots
20 Poorvashadha Venus Apah Elephant Tusk, Fan
21 Uttarashadha Sun Vishwadeva Elephant Tusk
22 Shravana Moon Vishnu Ears of Three footprints
23 Dhanishta Mars Eight Vasus Drum or Flute
24 Shatabhisha Rahu Varuna Empty Circle, Flowers, Stars
25 Poorva Bhadrapad Jupiter Ajaikapada Swords, Two Front Legs
26 Uttara Bhadrapada Saturn Ahirbudhnya  Twin, Back Legs, Snake in Water
27 Revati Mercury Pushan Pair of Fish, Drum


Role of Nakshatras is of immense importance in Astrology. Their impact on the lives and personalities of individuals has to be taken into account for accurate predictions.  Nakshatra analysis can provide valuable insights into their nature, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. It is also believed that worshiping the deity who rules over a particular Nakshatra improves the fortune of the natives. For any kind of astrological guidance and learning, feel free to contact us.

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