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Rohini Nakshatra the Birth of Lord Krishna

Rohini Nakshatra The Birth Of Lord Krishna

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On a beautiful and auspicious day of Janamastami by the grace of lord Krishna got inspired to write on Rohini nakshatra.
The meaning of Rohini nakshatra is the map of the stars. Rohini is the fourth of 27 constellation and it is one of the brightest star in the sky. It is a female Nakshatra and belongs to Shudra caste. It is also known as the most favorite of moon and there is a story behind this in our mythology. Rohini means the “Reddish or the growing one”. Symbol of Rohini is the cart driven by two oxen’s and when moon is 10°00 to 23°20 in Taurus this Nakshatra prevails. Deity is brahma the creator of this universe.
The symbol represents the driving force, materialistic pursuits, beauty, fertility, and fulfillment of desires with stability and high level of intelligence, they carry charm that is magnetic and alluring. The hypnotic quality of this nakshatra is such that moon feels most delighted when transiting through Rohini. The powerful attraction and charismatic persona of people born under this nakshatra is easily understandable when we correlate with Krishna. The immense capability to create something new is one of the most fascinating qualities of this nakshatra as it is connected with the lord of creation brahma.

Physical characteristics of Rohini:

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful, charismatic, handsome and sexual of all nakshatras. They have beautiful eyes mostly round face and a well-proportioned physique that is highly attractive to opposite sex. They are epitome of elegance, beauty, seduction, popularity, passion and a sharp attitude to handle all these.

Nature of people born in Rohini Nakshatra:

The Main nature of Rohini is creation, planting new seeds, anything that has the capability to grow .The natives born under this constellation of Rohini are true lovers of nature, hence does not promote artificial or cosmetic. Rohini people are very much aware of their distinctive qualities and knows how to use it for growth and expansion. They are very balanced as represented by Taurus sign and knows how to execute actions in order to gain success in all endeavors. Individuals born under this nakshatra are very good with their friends, they will stand and support their friends and family under any circumstances.

Professions Suitable for Rohini Natives:

They will do really well in entertainment  or fashion industry. Rohini natives are highly suitable for leadership roles because of their stable nature. Work related to beauty industry, politics, and anything that deals with caring of cows and agriculture are also recommended. As Moon is exalted they can also shine in food business, interior designing.

Different Padas of Rohini:

First Pada of Rohini:

The first Pada 10°00-13°20 Taurus falls in Aries navamsa and ruler is Mars. It has the fiery qualities and passion of Mars which signifies the indulgent side of an individual.

Second Pada of Rohini:

The second Pada of 13°20 – 16°40 Taurus, falls in Taurus navamsa ruled by planet Venus. This is the best expression of energy of Venus and all of that it represents. Its focus is on the materialistic side of life and granting fulfillment of desires.

Third Pada of Rohini:

The third Pada 16°40 to 20°00 Taurus falls in Gemini navamsa and reflects on the most cheerful and playful side of this nakshatra .It blends in with the airy element of Gemini and does really well on intellectual terms. Flirtatious, clever, intellectual, and fun loving.

Fourth Pada of Rohini:

The fourth Pada 20°00- 23°20 Taurus falls in Cancer Navamsa which is ruled by planet Moon. It brings out the attachment side of this Nakshatra . People born under this Pada are very attached to everything. They also have high sense of emotions and has the ability to make huge wealth.

Challenges of Rohini Nakshatra:

As stated in our mythological stories about other constellations getting jealous of Rohini. This can be seen manifesting in their life as people around them will get easily jealous and competitive. Rohini born individual has extraordinary qualities that easily attracts attention, which also lends them into unpleasant situations. Due to their strong attractive personality they can overindulge in the sexual activities especially in today’s modern world of technology advancement Rohini needs to be careful of their sensual pleasure and materialism. People tend to trust Rohini very easily and seeks help in the moment of need, but these individuals should be careful in their dealing with people.

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As mentioned earlier, the divinity of this Nakshatra is as magnificent as Krishna, almost impossible to describe the functioning and energy of this Rohini Nakshatra . One can understand this on a deeper level only by relating to Lord Krishna. The magnetism and extremity of love and passion is a true nature of Rohini. So, Higher level of materialistic comforts and luxury can easily manifest in this Nakshatra.

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