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Lal Kitab Advanced Course

Timings: 9:00 to 10:30 PM

Start Date: June 25th, 2023 Onwards

Every Sunday

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000 + Taxes

EMI Options are Available

Course Duration: 25 Weeks (Classes)

Lal Kitab Advanced Course Content:

  1. Planet combinations, Symptoms and Remedies

    1. What is a Yoga
    2. Importance Use of A Yoga
    3. What is Good Yoga & Bad Yoga
    4. Raj Yoga
    5. Activation Age of Yoga – Birth Chart
    6. Symptoms of Yoga
    7. Impact of One Yoga on another Planets
    8. How to make best use of Yoga
    9. Remedies for Two Planet Combinations

2.Identifying Good and Bad Planets in Chart (Birth Chart and Yearly Chart)

    1. Meaning of Combination of Planets
    2. How to Identify Which Planet is giving Good results
    3. How to identify Which Planet is giving Bad Results
    4. How to Increase the Impact of Good Yoga
    5. How to Decrease the Impact of Bad Yoga
    6. Remedies

3.35 Year Cycle

    1. What is 35 ka Chakkar (Cycle) in Lal Kitab
    2. What is the use of 35 Year Cycle
    3. Starting of 35 Year Cycle
    4. Difference of Various Cycles ( Cycle 1, Cycle 2)
    5. Impact of 35 Year Cycle
    6. A Brief discussion about Timing of Event through 35 Year Cycle

4.Dasha & Antar Dasha of Lal Kitab

    1. What is Madhya ke Planet
    2. Usage of Madhya ke Planet in Predictions
    3. Why Lal Kitab Dasha system is More Important than other Dasha Systems
    4. Snapshot Predictions through Dasha / Antar Dasha
    5. Remedies

5.Prediction through Combination of Houses

    1. What is Combination of Houses
    2. A Unique Way for Prediction – Birth Chart
    3. How to Identify – Which House is Giving Good / Bad Results
    4. How to analyze a chart by using combination of Houses
    5. In Yearly Chart – How to Predict through Combination of Houses

6.Luck & Lucky Planet

    1. What is Lucky Planet
    2. How to Identify – Which is Lucky Plant
    3. How to make use of Lucky Planet in Enhancing Luck & When
    4. Remedies for Enhancing Luck


    1. Marriage – Curse or Blessings
    2. Marriage as per Birth Chart – The Promise
    3. Single Marriage / Multiple Marriages
    4. Fruits of Marriage
    5. Varshphal (Yearly Chart) Combinations of Marriage
    6. Separation – Good or Bad
    7. Remedies

8.Pitri Rin

    1. What is Pitri Rin
    2. Which Pitri Rin We Have
    3. Impact of Pitri Rin on Our Chart
    4. Symptoms of Pitri Rin on our Family members
    5. How to Remove / Reduce Pitri Rin
    6. Remedies of Pitri Rin
    7. What to do & What not to do related to Pitri Rin

9.Rules for Donation

    1. What is Donation
    2. Impact of Donation
    3. How to Use Donations for Removing our Pending Karma
    4. What to Donate
    5. What not to Donate

10.Special Rules from Lal Kitab Advanced – Must Know

    1. Rules – Must Know about Lal Kitab
    2. What to do and What not to do as per Special Rules of Lal Kitab

11.How to read a Chart

    1. How to Analyze a Chart
    2. Birth Chart Symptoms
    3. Yearly Chart Symptoms
    4. Prediction through Symptoms
    5. Remedies Through Birth Chart and Yearly Chart

What to do & What Not to do related to  Remedies

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