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Understanding Pending Karma through Astrology

Understanding Pending Karma Through Astrology

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What is pending karma?

Pending karma are the results of our actions that we humans accumulate over lifetime. It is a very popular concept in astrology, it teaches us to be aware of our actions and reactions in different scenarios of life. As a human being we are bound in a family and society and in our lifetime dealings with these relations, we create certain karmas that we carry in our next life. Pending karma can be both ways could be positive or negative. If we have to pay back for our wrong deeds it is a negative pending karma. But if someone else is paying back their karma and we are on the receiving end, it will be considered as a positive pending karma. In Vedic astrology the concept of Purva Punya correlates and confirms the theory of pending karma.

Identifying Pending karma through Horoscope:

Different zodiac signs and houses along with the placement of planets can indicate the areas of pending karma.
Fifth house of a horoscope reveals fruits of our past life, the good deeds that we have done in the past life will manifest through fifth house of horoscope. If Jupiter is placed in the fifth house it shows the knowledge we have gained in the last life and its blessing that will be seen through ones children and overall luck in the life.

In the same manner the sixth house represents our enemies, loans, diseases and planet, sign of sixth house will give a clear picture of karmas that we have to pay back. Sixth house of horoscope shows the area of service, which means we have to serve those who are represented by sign and planet in the sixth house. In astrology eighth house is also considered important for pending karma. So, any planet occupying eighth house will have immense impact in the life of the native. Eighth house is the house of longevity, inheritance and in-laws. Twelfth house of a horoscope also shows our pending karma as it is the house of losses, isolation and spirituality. So karmas can manifest through losses or isolation, being away from one’s home.

Karma Connection of Rahu and Ketu:

The two shadow planets plays the biggest role in fructifying the results of our pending karma as the axis of Rahu and ketu in our chart represents the focus of life. Placement of Rahu shows the area one will be dedicated or obsessed about whereas ketu will instill the ability to let go. Although the house and sign placement of Nodes will give results depending on the significance of the house and zodiac sign. If someone has ketu in first house the lesson will be to let go of ego and Rahu in seventh house shows pending karma related to relationships, the person with such placements will be obsessive in relationships resulting in multiple relationships. It is the axis of Rahu and ketu that keeps us entangled in the cycle of life and death.

Saturn and karma execution:

Saturn has a significant role in identifying ones pending karma. Saturn’s placement in a horoscope shows ones pending karma and Saturn is also referred as time and gives prominent results in its transit or in planetary period. It is the executor of results of karma depending on its judgement. Saturn placed in second house of birth chart will indicate karmas related to family in the past life. Saturn in ninth house can show karma related to guru or father that one has to repay in this lifetime. In fact the aspects of Saturn also indicates karmas that one needs to fulfill.

Retrograde planets and their karmic connection:

Retrograde planets are easiest to see in a horoscope and shows heavy karma related to the signification of the planet. So if someone is born with retrograde Venus shows their past links and issues in relationships, the mistakes one has made in the past. In this life the native will learn through hardship and through expanding ones vision in the matters of love.


There is lot of techniques in Vedic astrology to find Pending karma, but the most important aspect is the understanding and acceptance of life purpose. It is very important for all human beings to navigate life in the right direction in order to pay off any past life Pending karma and develop a higher sense in order to not create any more for the next life.

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