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Exploring Mercury in different Signs

Exploring Mercury in different Signs

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Mercury is the nearest planet to Sun and also referred as prince in Vedic Astrology. The planet of intellect, it shows ones intelligence and thinking ability. It represents our communication, the ability that stands humans apart from other living beings. Mercury also represents business, travel, friends, skill, adaptability and wittiness. It is the ruler of two zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It rules the north direction and friendly with Sun and Venus and neutral with Saturn.

Mercury in the sign of Aries:

Aries is an enemy sign for Mercury, it gives short attention span and aggression. It placed in Aries makes one highly indecisive and restless in nature. One may be aggressive and absurd in communication with such placement.

Mercury in the sign of Taurus:

It is in Taurus is placed in the sign ruled by Venus. It is a friendly sign for Mercury, it gives stable and balanced approach. Mercury in Taurus is good for business and they manage things really well as the intellect of Mercury gets the stability of Taurus. It can also give multiple source of income.

Mercury in the sign of Gemini:

It is in its own sign does really well in terms of communicative abilities. It does really well in Gemini and these people have great presence of mind. They are excellent in making friends and are always fun to be with.

Mercury in the sign of Cancer:

In the watery sign of Cancer Mercury gives deep thinking and emotionally expressive in nature. It enhances the memory power with heightened sense of intuitiveness.

Mercury in the sign of Leo:

In the sign of Leo, Mercury will enhance the creative talent of the native. It gives good authoritative speech and great leadership skills.

Mercury in the sign of Virgo:

When placed in its own sign of exaltation. Mercury makes one great in debate and good analytical powers. The person will win over people with communication and intellect. This placement can make one shine in the field of auditing or law.

Mercury in the sign of Libra:

Mercury in the friendly sign of Libra is great for work related to mediation or finance. They have great skill in managing relationship and for them communication is the key to a happy relation.

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio:

Scorpio is a sign ruled by planet Mars, it will make one interested in occult and have a secretive nature. The native will be shrewd in communication and will lack balance.

Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius:

In the spiritual sign of Sagittarius, Mercury will make one good in spiritual or Vedic knowledge. The person with such placement can do really well in counselling or teaching.

Mercury in the sign of Capricorn:

It is in the sign of Capricorn will give very practical thought process and coldness in speech. One may not be expressive enough with such placement.

Mercury in the sign of Aquarius:

Aquarius is a sign that lacks expression but represents high desire. It is in Aquarius will make one very independent and intellectual.

Mercury in the sign of Pisces:

It in Pisces is a debilitated position for Mercury. It makes the native take wrong decisions and face losses. Mercury placed in Pisces is also not good for ones communication as the native will not express and have the tendency to hide things.

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Mercury and your Child like Attitude:

Wherever placed in a horoscope will make us behave childlike in that area, but of course the planetary conjunction will affect the final outcome. Placement of Mercury also gives a youthful and fresh outlook in the house it occupies. It absorbs the quality of a planet that it gets in conjunction with, and this is what makes understanding Mercury more important. It can be mysterious and diplomatic, it needs to be judged very carefully before making any predictions.

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