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Concept of Yogkarka in Astrology

Concept of Yogkarka in Astrology

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Yogkarka is a planet that is the ruler of kendra and trikona houses and it gives powerful results especially in its Mahadasha. When a planet rules two important houses in a birth chart, it gives benefic results as it becomes an important planet for the native. Yogkarka planet also enhances the good qualities of planets it conjuncts in a horoscope.
Different ascendants have different planet as Yogkarka, however not all ascendants have Yogkarka planet in Vedic astrology. But the ascendants with no Yogkarka, do have planets that are considered as powerful or Rajyogkarak and they get auspicious results from those planets depending on their strength in a birth chart. Going through planetary period of Yogkarka and rajyogkark planet can bring immense success, power and happiness in the life of the native. Placement of planets is the deciding factor in the life pattern of an individual.

Ascendants without any Yogkarka:


It does not have any Yogkarka but planet sun, moon, and Jupiter are Rajyogkark for Aries, so placement of these planets should be carefully analyzed in astrology.


It ascendants do not have Yogkarka, but mercury, venues and moon are Rajyogkark. Mercury is ascendant lord also rules the fourth house of home and happiness.


It ascendants also fall in the category of no Yogkarka. Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are Rajyogkarak and are capable of giving great results in their Dasha if well placed.


No planet is considered as Yogkarka but sun, moon and Jupiter are rajyogkark for Scorpio ascendant. Scorpio natives generally experiences lot of transformation in life, so having a well-placed rajyogkark will enhance the overall quality of life.


It falls in the group of having no Yogkarka, but sun, Jupiter and mercury are rajyogkark for these natives. Jupiter rules the ascendant and the fourth house of home and mental peace in the birth chart. Having well placed Jupiter will be a blessing for Sagittarius.


It ascendants have Jupiter, moon and mars as rajyogkark but no planet as Yogkarka. Jupiter is the ruling planet of ascendant along with the tenth house.

Ascendants with Yogkarka:


It has native mars as their Yogkarka as it rules fifth and tenth house of the birth chart. During its planetary period one can expect great rise in career along with name and fame.


mars is also the Yogkarka for Leo natives as it rules fourth and ninth house of luck. One can be blessed with property and enjoy luck during Mahadasha of mars. Placement of mars becomes very important for Leo natives.


Saturn is the Yogkarka for Taurus natives ruling ninth and eleventh house of birth chart. For Taurus ninth house of luck and eleventh house of gains both are ruled by Saturn. It also indicates gains through father in the life of Taurus ascendant. They are generally lucky in the matters of wealth and planetary period of Saturn can make one shine in all aspects of life.


Saturn is also a Yogkarka planet for libra ascendants ruling fourth and fifth house of birth chart. Saturn is a very important planet as libra is the exaltation sign of Saturn and it may bless the native with all the comforts of life especially during its planetary period.
Capricorn- Venus becomes Yogkarka for Capricorn ascendants as it rules their fifth house and tenth house of horoscope. Venus is ruling fifth house of Purva punya and tenth house of professional life and social status.


Venus is Yogkarka for Aquarius ascendant ruling fourth and ninth house of birth chart. Fourth house of conveyances and ninth house of luck, shows how important the role of Venus in the life of Aquarius ascendant.


The beauty of astrology lies in the different aspects of it, where having one thing becomes very important but not having can be overpowered by something else. The amount of combinations and yoga are so many that it unfolds the mysteries of life in a different manner for each individual. Having Yogkarka or not having Yogkarka are two different things, every human being is born with something unique and astrology helps one in finding the strength and weaknesses of the birth chart and work accordingly .

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