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Badhaka Planets: Navigating Life’s Obstruction Carriers


At Acharya Ganesh, we look into the amazing world of Badhaka Planets, celestial energies thought to be the carriers of life’s obstacles. We hope to unveil the mystery surrounding Badhaka Planets in this thorough book, providing useful insights into their influences on individuals and strategies to handle the obstacles they present.

Unveiling Badhaka Planets: Obstacle Gatekeepers:

Understanding the Concept:

This is a Sanskrit word that means ‘obstruction.’ Badhaka Planets are considered gatekeepers in Vedic astrology, with the power to bring obstacles and hardships in one’s life journey. Identifying these planets is critical for determining where challenges may develop.

Badhaka Planets’ Role:

Its power extends beyond mere obstruction. They are said to have an important part in molding life’s events, forcing people to face challenges that promote growth and evolution. Recognizing and mitigating the impact of Badhaka Planets is an essential component of astrological coaching.

Identifying Badhaka Planets: A Tailored Approach:

Calculation and Placement:

Identifying Badhaka Planets necessitates a thorough calculation based on the birth chart of the individual. The location of these planets in particular houses affects the areas of life where difficulties may arise. Our astrologers use modern ways to discover Badhaka influences in your natal chart.

Badhaka Planet Types:

It differ depending on an individual’s Ascendant (Lagna). Each Ascendant has its own Badhaka Planet, and recognizing this correlation provides deep insights into the difficulties one may face.

Life’s Difficulties: Astrological Solutions:

Remedial measures:

Astrology provides a plethora of therapeutic techniques to lessen the impact of Badhaka Planets. Our astrologers counsel individuals on efficient cures adapted to their unique birth charts, from propitiatory rituals to the usage of gemstones and mantra recitation.

Life Strategic Planning:

Badhaka Planet awareness allows for effective life planning. Individuals can approach decision-making, job decisions, and personal relationships more proactively by anticipating probable problems. Acharya Ganesh astrological consultations enable people to handle life’s twists and turns with wisdom.


At Acharya Ganesh, we believe that knowledge is the key to empowerment. By delving into the realm of Badhaka Planets, we aim to equip individuals with the wisdom needed to navigate life’s challenges. Our astrologers stand ready to provide personalized insights and guide you on a transformative journey towards self-discovery.

You can also consult a Astrology and Astrovastu expert at Acharya Ganesh for more personalized guidance and solutions for your specific problems.

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